Curtis Stone Whips Up A Healthy One-Pot Meal For MyBrownBaby and Vicks Nature Fusion

When Nick and I moved to Georgia from New Jersey almost seven years ago, we did so because we were looking for real connections with our children—wanted to be the kind of parents to them that we simply couldn’t while we were working full-time jobs in one state, living in another, and writing books, literally, in the middle of the night. Dinner with our children was elusive—something that happened mostly on the weekends, after a whole lot of running around, trying to catch up on what we missed out on during the week—extracurricular activities, grocery shopping, errands.

Thing is, when we moved and became fulltime authors and freelance writers, the time suck didn’t change; between raising babies, overseeing the household, writing, chasing down assignments, running them from one extracurricular activity to another, sitting down for a home-cooked meal became just as challenging. Don’t get me wrong: we certainly sit down for family dinner together during the week way more than we ever did back in New Jersey, but it’s hard—the meal planning and the grocery shopping and the preparation and the clean-up and the doing it all over again and again and again in between soccer practice and trumpet lessons and science club and math enrichment and every other thing we manage to squeeze in during the 24 hours of every day.

It’s exhausting.

So I asked Chef Curtis Stone for some advice on how to battle the “What Should I Cook For Dinner” question that keeps me up at night. No, seriously—it does. Meal planning and the grocery store are officially my arch nemeses; they make my head numb. Chef Curtis came to my rescue with this Nature’s Kitchen video (I’m in the intro!) for an awesome one-pot meal that’s quick and easy to make and super satisfying—the kids love it, especially with a little chicken breast added to the mix—and doesn’t leave my kitchen looking like 12 angry men stomped all through it. Yes ma’am, and you’re welcome!

Check out Curtis Stone’s step-by-step video for this one-pot wonder below, and click here to get a link for the recipe on the Vick’s Nature Fusion YouTube channel. Happy—and healthy!—eating!

So you know: I recently partnered with Vicks Nature Fusion to write about ways I keep my family healthy, happy and eating right. Yes, I’m getting a check for this. No, they’re not paying me to say nice things about their products. As always, my experiences and opinions are my own.


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  1. I lurve me some Chef Curtis Stone! What a simple and yummy recipe. I am with you…always looking to find things that I can make without making the kitchen look like it exploded 🙂

  2. Thanks for this recipe! I do not like going grocery shopping and always feel a bit inept in that department. I love the simplicity of this meal.

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