Bobby Brown Wasn’t Supposed to Have Contact with Bobbi Kristina: Lawyer


Whitney Houston’s family attorney said that Bobby Brown violated a prior agreement by trying to speak to his and Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, during Saturday’s funeral at New Hope Baptist Church, Whitney’s childhood church in Newark, New Jersey.

The questions swirling around Brown’s sudden departure from the funeral services are leaving a painful, ugly aftertaste—which is especially unfortunate considering how beautiful, moving and inspiring the ceremony was.

In an interview on Atlanta’s V-103 radio station, the Houston family’s lawyer provided more details surrounding the incident, which was the departure seen around the world. Ironically, though he claimed that he left the church to avoid a scene, Brown wound up causing quite a bit of a scene.

In an attempt to clarify what happened on Saturday afternoon, Mark Trigg, the family attorney, said that Brown had agreed that he wouldn’t approach Bobbi Kristina unless she reached out to him first. The agreement also stipulated that while Brown could sit in the first three rows with Whitney’s family, Brown’s other children were supposed to sit in the back with their uncle. But Brown wanted all of his children to sit with him, and he also tried to approach Bobbi Kristina to comfort her—prompting security to move in.

Security “discretely, politely, respectfully asked the children to sit with their uncle,” Trigg told WVEE-FM in Atlanta, according to a report on the website,

When Brown tried to go to Bobbi Kristina to comfort her, “he was asked to return to his seat,” Trigg said. “He decided that he wanted to leave the service.”

The lawyer acknowledged that it was a difficult day and that anyone could exercise poor judgment under such trying circumstances.

Many of us who have been through deaths in our families can confirm that death usually does not bring out the best in any of us. We just hope that the family and Bobby can bring the controversy over his dramatic departure to an end—or at least remove the dispute from the public realm and make it a private matter, where it belongs.

(And speaking of the Houston family, we just heard that they are selling the video rights to her funeral. While there is so much we could say, we seem to have been rendered, uh, speechless…)

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  1. First selling baby pictures now we are selling funeral rights. Awesome

  2. Nikki Bee (@nikkib1920)

    *sigh* This is so a black family funeral. Great service, great message, great homegoing, and family drama because someone won’t LISTEN. Or maybe that’s just my family.


  3. selling her funeral…REALLY what is this a drive thru virtual visual. Don’t get me wrong they gave her a respectful homegoing, but we have to draw the line somehwere and what are they selling the rights for…more publicity. Selling rights means making money (off a dead person), what are they trying to gain from doing this. Let her rest in peace I know she probably saying if ya’ll don’t leave me alone I caught hell on earth and i’m not even lukewarm in the ground yet and i can’t get no peace..smh!

  4. No matter what someone is going to make money. All the fans rushing to buy ” I will always love you” who’s making the money. DOLLY PARTON. The family and Bobbie Kris should make something.

  5. At least the Jacksons were honest. They made no attempt to pretty up their problems or call his funeral anything other than a spectacular . There’s a certain amount of subterfuge involved here. They could have held a memorial at the Rock if they are going to sell DVDs and let the whole community participate. Dignity is in the eye of the beholder

  6. I’m sure there is plenty of blame to go around, as most family relationships go. Personally, I have a problem with making a big deal when it comes to children. I don’t know how old Bobby’s kids are, but if they’re young, it just isn’t cool to ask them to sit “in the back with an uncle”. Whitney’s family may not like it, but Bobby’s kids are also Bobbi Kristina’s family and they should be supportive of all kinds of relationships for her now. She will need them all, particularly her father’s. If that relationship becomes strained, the consequences for her life could be devastating.

  7. Please, who is asked to sign an agreement on speaking to their child at her mother’s funeral. Who does that! And having a lawyer make a statement about it, doesm’t make Bobby look bad. If anything it just points out how far this family will go to defer blame. I, like most people loved the image of Whitney, her voice, and her accomplishments. But, why does the Houston family feel that now or any time it’s ok to demean another human being. God, is the only one capable of judging Whitney, Bobby or anyone else. Let the Man be, let the Man grieve, and let the Man manage his own relationship with His daughter. He is the parent who has been clean and sober, stop trying to make it the other way around. The Whitney Houston Power vendors were always bigger and incharge of Everything. From image to who saw whom when. Let it go.

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