Church Bans Children So Pedophile Pastor Can Preach

A Jacksonville, Fla., Baptist church has banned children from Sunday services so that its new pastor, a confessed, convicted and known child abuser and rapist who’s legally barred from being anywhere near kids, can preach the word from its pulpit.

Yes—you read that correctly: Darrell Gilyard, who pleaded guilty to charges of lewd conduct and lewd molestation after admitting to molesting a 15-year-old and sending a racy text message to another while he preached at Shiloh Baptist Church, is tossing up praises from the pulpit of the Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, where they’d prefer to keep kids out of the pews over denying their pulpit to a registered sex offender who also admitted to raping a woman during a church counseling session.


And if that confuses you as much as it confuses me, let me just go on ahead and jack you all the way up with this: Ever since Gilyard started preaching at Christ Tabernacle, attendance, which started at just 10 members when he took the job in January (just weeks after he was released from a three-year prison bid) has skyrocketed to between 150 and 200. And church members are supporting this man and arguing in court that minors should be allowed in the sanctuary while Gilyard is preaching because they’ll be accompanied by parents and other adults—thus safe from a convicted child molester and rapist.

Again, I hit you with the electronic side-eye and raise you a Long Blank Stare AND Dead Fish Eyes. In an age where the entire Catholic church stays under fire for countless cases in which churches are accused of allowing rampant sexual molestation of children by their priests, and Jerry Sandusky can go for years allegedly raping little boys despite that Penn State University officials, coaches and workers were told he was doing it, are there really good church folk still willing to put children in reach of a man who admitted to molesting children and raping women under his pastoral care? Really? I mean, I’m all for forgiving and turning the other cheek and all that good Christian stuff, but does God really require us to be deaf, blind and dumb when it comes to putting our children in the care of “men of the cloth” who admit they sexually abuse women and children?

I tell you this much: Darrell Gilyard must be a helluva pastor that the members of Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church insist on going so hard on his behalf—booting babies so he can give adults spiritual instruction. But I’d be doggone if my butt was anywhere in those pews to find out just what’s so special about a convicted sex offender’s preaching—especially if his actions led a court to decide it’s not safe for my kids to be there with me. How about you?


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  1. How sad. Do we worship men or God?

  2. I am so perplexed by this congregations decision. But then again, in some ways I am not surprised or perplexed. In far too many instances we as a people have lost our collective minds. We forgive those among us who harm (sometimes irreparably) the least able to defend themselves (children- girls and boys, elderly). We even give them more accolades and pats on the back after the fact. Wha?!! Anyone remember what R. Kelly did (might still be doing)? Chris Brown? These are just two of many. I’ll be damned if I will sacrifice my children- girls and boys, on the altar of protecting grown folks. Nope. Not. Going. To. Do. It.

  3. Just because they go to a church, have a Pastor, and call themselves Christians, does not make it so. Their actions speak louder and more eloquently than anything else.

  4. What. On. Earth.

    I am weak on this one. What could he possibly be preaching that would make you choose him and his church over your kids? Is he giving away free money? Wait. Even that wouldn’t work. So where do the kids go during service? I wouldn’t trust the judgement of the people who hire the Sunday School teachers, if they are keeping him around?

    So sad.

  5. Fruit Inspector

    The bible teaches forgiveness not foolishness. Two words: The Blood!

  6. The kids can attended as of Dec 2013 accompanied by parents. I use to attend Christ tabernacle about. 7 months ago. But when I realize this man has not changed . I left and several people have left the church . He is preying on the most weak women in the church first a 20 year old who mom approved . That
    Was so sick to watch . Prior to that 60 year old gilyard only used this woman to get him a car she later had it picked up he was riding the. 20 year old on the car. So far this man has preyed on about 20 or more women at Christ tabernacle baptist church . This scum of the earth needs to rot in prison . This man is due to come off probation the end of December this cannot happen this man has not Changed he came on to a man finance at the church the man was told by her and came back to gilyard office and cussed him out would have killed him if the deacons had not come alone and .This scum of the earth is fooling his deacons they banned the boyfriend took gilyard side . Everyone stay alert all the problems at Christ tabernacle is from one person Gilyard. This child molester needs to be stopped this mans Penis needs to be cut off . Then he will stop .

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