Let It Shine Soundtrack Giveaway—Plus, Our 10-Year-old Correspondent Tells Us Why She Loves Tyler James Williams and Coco Jackson


I can’t believe there’s only one more week until Let It Shine, the new Disney Channel movie starring Tyler James Williams, Brandon Tyler James Williams (Everybody Hates Chris), Brandon Mychal Smith (So Random!), Coco Jones (Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing) and Trevor Jackson (SyFy’s Eureka), comes on TV. My sister, Daddy, Mommy and I are going to have a BIG party when it comes on next Friday. Popcorn will be involved. So will Mommy’s smoothies. And maybe I’ll be able to convince Mari to make chocolate sticky bread to celebrate Let It Shine, an original film with a rare and awesome all-black cast.

Mommy thinks I’m all excited about seeing the movie again because I got to meet the cast when she took me and Mari to the Let It Shine Atlanta premiere. She’s kinda right. It was pretty cool to meet Tyler, Brandon, Coco and Trevor while they walked on the red carpet. All of them were really nice to me and let me ask them questions. Like, when I met Tyler, he told me that he loves to cook because his mom taught him and his brothers how to do it. And both he and Trevor said they loved filming in Atlanta because the people are nice and it’s pretty here.

The funniest of the group was Brandon, who said he played a trick on Coco by telling her that Justin Beiber was staying at their hotel. “She went crazy,” he said. “I like playing practical jokes on people. It’s fun.” Then he played one on me by telling me that Miley Cyrus had just walked into the movie theater. I believed him and turned around to see and he laughed at me and said, “Gotcha!” LOL!

I also really liked meeting Coco because she was sweet and really pretty and she has dark brown skin just like me. She told my mom that she was really proud to be on the Disney Channel and looked forward to doing great things that would make all of us proud.

But while I loved meeting the stars, I loved watching the movie even more. I especially loved the story and will tell you all about it when I write a review for MyBrownBaby next week, in time for the Let It Shine premiere on the Disney Channel. Today, though, I want to tell you about the music. It was great! It made me want to get up and dance, and a lot of the people in the audience when we went to see the movie showed they liked it, too, by clapping and applauding when the songs were playing.

My favorite song is “Guardian Angel,” the rap Tyler’s character, Cyrus DeBarge, writes when he gets upset that his dad, a preacher played by Courtney B. Vance, won’t let him be a rapper. Cyrus believes that he can say special things with his music and that not all rap music has to be bad. He says in the song, “I wanna be the greatest in the world, not for the money or the fame or the girls.” Coco sings the chorus. She has a really pretty voice and her songs are really cool, too!

I loved the Let It Shine soundtrack so much that I asked my mom if I could host a giveaway here on MyBrownBaby so that I could share the music with the kids of the MyBrownBaby readers. And the people at Disney said yes! So here you go: We have FIVE copies to give out to our MyBrownBaby friends!

All you have to do is leave a comment saying which of the Let It Shine stars your kid would most want to meet and you will be entered for your chance to win one of the five copies of the Let It Shine soundtrack.

YOU HAVE TO ENTER BY USING RAFFLECOPTER at the bottom of the post, or else my mom won’t have a way to count your entry and contact you if you win.

Good luck winning a copy of the Let It Shine soundtrack! And don’t forget to sit down and watch the movie on the Disney Channel on Friday, June 15, 2012 at 8 pm EST/7 pm CT! Your kids are going to love it!


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  1. My girls would LOVE to meet Coco!

  2. My daughter would be most excited to meet Tyler James Williams, she loved him on Everbody Hates Chris!

  3. im sooooo gonna love thos show. Ive been waiting since like forever lol!

  4. I SO want to win this for my kids. They can’t wait to see the movie and we almost pre-ordered the album on iTunes tonight!

  5. forgot to say who they’d most like to meet. Tyler and Coco!

  6. My so wants to meet Tyler James Williams. I think he has already memorized the songs Disney has been airing from the movie! *confession: so have I.
    LOL!* You should see us singing hard to it, and rhyming along with Tyler. Can’t wait until Friday!

  7. I’d like my son to meet Tyler. I loved watching his career blossom from Everybody Hates Chris and now seeing him in more mature roles.

  8. My little girl would love to meet Coco. How awesome for our little girls to have role models that look like them!

  9. Ii always wanted 2 be able actress and a singer ii tried everything ii can 2 be in a Disney Channel movie jst got dne watching let it shine soo gud ii almst cried iif kris,Cyrus,and roxie is reading this call me 2526765172 please thank u…!!

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