9-Year-Old Caught On Tape Violently Kicking, Punching, Biting Babies At Daycare

Oh. My. God. Those were the only three words I could say last night after viewing this Mississippi day care center surveillance video of a 9-year-old boy, busted terrorizing babies with punches, donkey kicks, slaps, bites, pinches and choking so brutal, it’s a miracle they’re not in coffins.

The unidentified tween carried out his reign of terror at the Kiddie City Childcare in Vicksburg, Miss., just steps from where a staffer gabbed on the phone and with other adults, oblivious to the tyrant’s abuse or the babies’ cries. Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong says the abuse went unnoticed by the childcare provider for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, despite that the children were seen in the video screaming and crying out in agony with each blow.

You are duly warned: this graphic video is extremely hard to watch. In one instance, the kid punches a baby, no more than a year old, square in the face, and then slams his head on a tray, causing the baby to throw up nearly immediately. In another instance, the boy literally stands up a 23-month-old little girl in the corner and, after checking to make sure no adults are watching, gives her a “kung-fu”-style kick to the back that sends the child flying.

Vicksburg police arrested childcare provider Sandra Trevillion, 49, on charges of contributing to the neglect of a minor. The father of one of the toddlers attacked in the video also was arrested for slapping a 6-year-old child that the 9-year-old bully pointed out as the abuser when the father demanded to know who hurt his kid. Jamie Williams will be in court today to answer to a charge of misdemeanor assault.

The only one who will not be arrested is the 9-year-old, whom authorities say is too young, under Mississippi law, to be charged. A copy of the video, along with a report, has been sent to state youth court, where administrators will decide if he will undergo mandatory counseling and anger management classes.

Captain Robert Stewart told Jackson, Mississippi’s WJTV that the child’s mother was “shocked” by her son’s actions and insisted there was no violence in her own home, but admitted that the video “shed some light” on unexplained injuries on her other children. An aunt, Vinia Dolley, told another station, WLBT, that the 9-year-old is a “normal child.”

“He bad. He fight but he don’t fight little babies. He do also have a problem. He take medicine every day and he just a normal child,” she said.

I just… I…

My God.

He bad? Bad? Really lady? How about he’s a psychopath who needs to be put on a psychiatric ward, where he can get serious professional help before he kills someone’s child—maybe even one of yours? Or he turns into a muscular man who dropkicks, punches, bites and slaps his girlfriend or his wife or his own children? Or he comes up against a mother and father who would just as soon shred him limb to limb after watching him beat down their babies like they’re grown men? Counseling wouldn’t even begin to be enough if that was my child. Finding out he’s on meds and might have a problem wouldn’t, either. And the daycare center is lucky someone hasn’t taken a torch to it, now that everyone knows that the workers there paid so little attention to the children that they could be donkey-kicked without anyone noticing—or caring enough to even see why every baby in the place is screaming. My God. I have no more words. Watch the video, knowing that you will feel really bad about what you see for quite some time.


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  1. I saw a couple days ago. I refuse to watch this again. This is really making me reconsider day cares again. A decision I will have to make in the near future.

  2. I saw this and makes me shake, literally. I have to pray for that little bo as something isn’t right with him. Either he is getting abused at home or he is mentally ill. I hope he gets the love and help he needs. So sad.

    • Yes, there is something wrong going on at that boy’s home. That is just not natural on any level. He needs intervention and his parents or guardians need to be investigated immediately. Get this kid evaluation, help, meds – whatever it takes. Get him away from smaller children. And make sure none of these Daycare workers ever work again around children!!! Just awful all-around.

  3. I could not view this video in its entirety at all! This is some disturbing *ish on so many levels. But I do agree that the 9 year old boy needs to be institutionalized like yesterday. He needs to seriously be dealt with first and then put away. And the daycare needs to be shut down!

  4. Agree with Tia, The child should be hospitalized for a mandatory psychiatric evaluation and the day care should be closed. The child is not safe enough to allow contact with other children. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

  5. Agreed. In fact, it’s a disaster that has ALREADY happened, if I’m the parent of one of those injured children. I won’t watch the video, but I can imagine it pretty well.
    There are some really good daycare centers out there. My little one went to one and by the time he went to kindergarten he was at the top of his class because of it. BUT – not all day care is created equal. It took me months to find a place I was comfortable with. There are some where the “caregivers” think their only job is to “watch” children, not to teach or create meaningful activities. Too much idle time for mayhem, IMO.

  6. I couldn’t watch the video. I have a 14 month old in daycare who I worry about on a daily basis. The thought of this makes my heart seize. The grandmother sounds mentally ill herself, I hope that child gets help, and I hope there are no other children in that home that need rescuing.
    I’m thinking the dude who decided to take vengeance on a six year old should do a little time too.

  7. This is crazy, the 9 year old needs to be punished. Some people should not be aloud to have kids. Where does this kid get that behavior from huh. It is sick, very sick to think this start so young. Glad my child is not in day care. Please lock the kid up

  8. If that was my kid he was beating I would kick his brain down to his feet and make him throw up his liver and kidneys wether hes a tween or not or hes mentally unstable he knew what he was doing and I believe he should be held accountable for it 9 or not he needs to go to jail they need to stop making excuses for him because he is only going to get worse and the next time he may even kill somebody they need to lock him up and hold him responsible for his actions because if he didnt think it was wrong he would have kept doing it before the adult instead of when she left out of the room.

  9. angela johnson

    It looks like he’s replaying the violent actions of a video game. whoever was watching the camera feed at the daycare center, who just watched and did nothing should be arrested. the parents of this boy should be arrested and he should be removed from the home. the owners of this school should be arrested and the school closed down. The boy needs a psych eval and aggressive treatment, because he’s on the road to life in prison if he’s allowed to continue on the path that he’s on now. Babies must be pretty resilient to have gone through all that violent abuse and not be physically injured, mental scars might turn up later in life. this is really a sick and sad situation.

  10. Sherri Pressley

    What I see is a very disturbed young man who is abusing children because he needs attention himself. The way he looks at the teacher and then looks around before committing a violent act tells me his own needs are not getting met. He is victimizing because he is a victim. This boy needs counseling. The fact that his aunt describes him as both “bad” and “normal” tells me that bad IS normal to them. He is shaking his foot nervously as he harms the baby and everytime the baby cries out he looks to see is someone is coming. If I had to guess, the care giver probably relied on him to “help” out with the younger kids and it was something that made him feel good-to have her momentary attention. Kids aren’t “bad” to be bad-they act badly because some emotional equation is missing. Bullies are often people who are insecure themselves. Bullying gives them the feeling of power and control. This is a terrible and tragic occurrence. I pray that he is removed from his home and is able to get counseling for his issues. The last thing we need is another dangerous, unhappy member of society.

    • I swear that your comment is the only one that made sense to me Sherri Pressley and I thank you greatly for your intelligent response. The real problem is that everyone is so quick to throw this troubled and innocent child to the wolves without caring to understand what drove him to this. Thank you for your careful and brilliant rationalization. You made my evening.

  11. Saw the video and was deeply disturbed. My guess it that the abused children will heal and move on; they may even forget what happened and maybe their parents will find a way to forgive the abuser. But, somebody needs to commit to keeping that 9-year old in the continuous care of professionals. Therapy, meds, and every other thing available. Somebody has failed him. I have hope that he’s young enough to get put on a better path . . . if the adults in his life step up.

  12. OMG! I’m speechless, I have a 2 year old and this is so horrifing!!!!!

  13. I saw this video about two weeks ago and was in utter horror and anger. My first question was why did he have his big behind in the room with baby/toddlers to begin with. I hope the parent sue.

  14. The boy needs some psychiatric belts on his behind !!!!! Anytime u can stand someone up & then wait 4 no one to be looking, tells me that u fully know what ur doing

    • I know that was a serious comment boe, but I’m at the office and I tried to hold it but couldn’t. The water I was drinking spewed out of my mouth from laughing at your psychiatric belts statement.

      I’m still figuring out if I want to watch this video.

  15. This broke my heart, I had to walk away after watching this with my husband the other night. I just could not believe that none of the adults could hear those babies crying and screaming! What was so important that u could not turn around and do your job? No lie, I would have been in jail had that been either one of my babies!

    • No joke, if it had been one of my babies I wouldnt have hesitated to show the same kind of abuse to that child as he showed mine, and I would have made damn well sure he wouldnt be able to do it ever again to my children or any one elses….I’m sorry but this greatly upsets me and makes me so mad. I agree, if this happend to my kids the abuser would surely be punished.

  16. schnelle chavis

    How could someone do this to an innocent baby I bet his parents are really proud of him. and the staff that was walking around on her cell phone

  17. I know that you all have had your say but, add my opinion to the fray.
    What is wrong here? Has there been any investigation by the Law into this case. Please let us know that in this day and time that Miss. is not so backwards that no one cares!! Say it is not SO!!!

  18. This child has serious issues that need to be investigated.

  19. Horrific! First ACTION: FULLY Investigate actions of this (and other) kids in that ATTACKER’s home!!!! If there are younger siblings, cousins, neighbors who venture into that maniac’s yard, I’m afraid that they have been expose to the same type of abuse–if not worse, and for longer periods of torture time. (Neighbors of this tyrant should begin asking their children NOW!)

    Secondly, and ths is a comment: I BET my purse that this boy has had constant exposure to violent (no doubt rated M) video games, toxic lyrics from demonic/belittling music draining into his ears together with second-hand fumes from marijuanna and cigars oozing into this kids’ nose since BIRTH!!!! I’ve seen it in cars at stop lights: parents (ghetto parents) don’t seem to give a hot sauce about the monsters they are creating!!! Sadly, these once innocent little children, who are raising themselves for the most part, become what their surroundings dictate: loveless, lifeless, cold, bitter, sneaky, full of hate… It’s almost the way some mindless aggressors raise pit bulls. GOD HELP GOD HELP GOD HELP (or come quickly, society is becoming lame.)

  20. I was totally disturbed ,disgusted and angry all in one. But, one things for damn sure no parent (real mother or father) can say that after watching this you didn’t want to put your hands on that 9yr old child. Now, i understand that there are professional ways of handling these sort of things but to see your helpless, defenseless baby go through something so malice as a parent your protective instincts are going to come into place. I mean i want to kick this kids ass and these aren’t even my kids who are being abused. As for the boys family yes you are part to blame because you are pretending like you had no clue. I know that there have been signs that you noticed that raised a red flag that your child was either mentally or emotionally ill or both. 9 times out of ten no other kids want to play with this child, and there are some adults out there who dread to see this child coming. As far as i am concerned this child needs to be removed from the unstable home he’s in and placed in a facility where he can be taught right from wrong and receive some counseling and also be around kids that are his age and just like him

    • I sort e agree with you BUT this kid already knows right from wrong.. That’s why he looks to make sure nobody is watching before inflicting pain or when he cuddles the crying kids when the adult is looking.. Seeing that he knows right from wrong and the fact that he still does this shows that there is an evil in this boy that can’t be fixed.. Well without euthanizing him. He WILL end up killing someone.. Matter of when.. Not if

  21. i hate to think like this .but that 9 year old boy needed his ass whip for what he did to those babies. he needed to feel the same pain he cause those babies. that video brought tears to my eyes. i told my son do not take none of my grandkids to no dam daycare. i don;t care what nobody say that boy needed his ass whip. pat

  22. Wow I am honestly pissed that makes me so mad I refuse to put my little boy into a daycare center I prefer him to be watched by a stay at home mom. This boy needs to learn how these children feel he needs more just classes lock up in a nut house and as for his parents they need all there kids taken away they don’t deserve kids if you dont notice this at home with your own kids then you aren’t doing your job like seriously. This bitch needs to get locked up cuz kids don’t learn that kind of thing on there own honestly think the police should take more action before a child is seriously hurt

  23. Why is it that no one notices that every time a child is crying that the boy is right there. That’s y the worker deserves to n charged!

  24. Obviously, that’s a clear sign of negligence among the day care personnel. They should be responsible enough to secure the premises and well being of all the children under their care, and not this.

  25. If my folks and I were living in Vicksburg I would be glad if my folks and I have nothing to do with this demented brat. If I had anything to do with this kid (which I’m glad I don’t) for sure I would distance myself from him,I would not offer him certain foods and beverages, I wouldn’t purchase him toys nor games for him (not even for his birthday nor Christmas) and I honestly won’t feel bad for him if a kid hits him out of self defense so having said that if he keeps messing with other kids and if he messes with a kid who is aggressive or having a tough day that that kid might hit or hurt him in return.Finally and if necessary to say but I trust that his parents, Vicksburg authorities and local child advocacy groups can’t force people to treat this kid the exact way they could treat better behaved kids whom they may relate to cause the truth is that even if I’m civil to this 9 year old youth as I indicated earlier there are certain things that I prefer not doing for him.

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