A Great Day In Atlanta: Instagram Pics Of Our Fun Family Day (Wordful Wednesday)

I can’t even begin to tell you how nutty the last six weeks have been. First off, I wrote a book in two weeks: the novelization of Sparkle, the update on the classic starring Whitney Houston in her last big-screen role, hits bookshelves early next month. I began a second book (which I can’t talk about just yet but it’s freakin’ FABULOUS!) Somewhere in there, I wrote a cover story for Ebony. Both girls celebrated milestone birthdays—within a week of one another—with huge soirees to mark the occasions. And, oh yeah, we moved.

Tired doesn’t even begin to explain how we were feeling when this weekend rolled around. Sane human beings would have curled up in the bed, pulled up the covers and just, like, hit a coma. Smart people—like the hubs—come up with an even better proposition: tuning out the world and focusing on family. Lucky me—I have a smart husband. Who took a very active role in making his girls happy this weekend. We hit the park. We went for ice cream. We worked it out at the pool. And we gave me a cooking dinner break and ate out. Yes—it was a great day (well, weekend) in Atlanta. Here, our family time as told through my Instagram pics. (On Instagram? Check me out at @MyBrownBaby for real-time updates.)

 Me and My Girlpies


Me and My Man


Goapele in my ears. Girlpies in the water. Clear Skies. Life Is Good.


Teddy the Goldendoodle, getting in on the action. With his cutie pie self.


Teddy. Making sure he didn’t get left out of family day. (Oh, you know you wanted another Goldendoodle picture!)


Kilwin’s at Atlantic Station in Atlanta has THE BEST strawberry ice cream. Like, ever.


This truck full of our throwaways will be the treasures of former prisoners, battered women and
their children and seniors on fixed incomes throughout North Georgia. If ever there was a
reminder to be grateful for our many blessings, this was it.

A super happy kid. Which made this the best day ever.


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  1. Great pictures! It’s soooo worth it to stop and just “be” every now and again. Happy Summer to you and your family!

  2. Well there you go, it’s all good. What matters is firmly in place!

  3. Ahh, I love seeing beautiful brown families just living life.

  4. Victoria Sanders

    Gorgeous pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sweet family. Thanks for posting about Quinn House. I have been looking for a local charity in Atlanta to pick up a few good pieces of furniture!

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