George Zimmerman Says Killing Trayvon Martin Was “Part Of God’s Plan” and He Doesn’t Regret It

George Zimmerman, the wanna-be neighborhood watchman who stalked, shot and killed unarmed teen Trayvon Martin, sparking a raging nationwide debate on race, guns and the repeated unjustified murders of black boys, says he has no regrets about shooting Trayvon and views the whole incident as “part of God’s plan.”

Zimmerman, who is out on $1 million bail while he awaits trial on second-degree murder charges in Trayvon’s death, recounted his version of events leading up to the fatal shooting and told Sean Hannity on Fox News that there wasn’t a single thing he would have done differently that rainy February night when he got out of his car, followed Martin and got into a fatal scuffle with the 17-year-old.

“I feel that it was all God’s plan, and for me to second guess it or judge it…” he said, trailing off in the interview, conducted Wednesday afternoon and aired later that evening.   When Hannity asked, “Is there anything you might do differently?” Zimmerman said without hesitation, “No, sir.”

Later, at the very end of the interview, after a commercial break—and no doubt a firm lecture from his lawyer about just how insensitive and foul he sounded saying he didn’t regret TAKING TRAYVON’S LIFE and that God plotted it all out for him—Zimmerman came back on camera and asked to “readdress” his statement. “I do wish that there was something, anything I could have done that would have put me in the position that I wouldn’t have to take his life. I’m sorry that this happened. I hate to think that because of this incident, because of my actions, that it’s polarized and divided America,” he said, adding that he prays “daily” for Trayvon’s parents.

You know what I hate? That this narcissistic, delusional bastard never once said in that entire interview that he was sorry for TAKING TRAYVON’S LIFE. In fact, clearly, he’s strutting around Florida, spending up all the murder cash he’s collected on his website for his “defense,” totally working out in his mind that slaying somebody’s child was meant to be. Like, it was totally the most awesome way to buy himself into a cushy life with his wife and become some kind of sick icon.

Of course, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s parents, called Zimmerman on his bull with a quickness. “George Zimmerman said that he does not regret getting out of his vehicle, he does not regret following Trayvon, in fact he does not regret anything he did that night. He wouldn’t do anything different and he concluded it was God’s plan,” the couple said in a statement issued through their attorney. “We must worship a different God because there is no way that MY God would have wanted George Zimmerman to KILL my teenage son,” Tracy Martin added.


How awesomely convenient for George Zimmerman to have the run of the mic on Fox News—a place where he’s guaranteed a softball, sympathetic interview that can go unbalanced and unchecked. I can’t WAIT until they put his slimy, sleezy, lying behind in the hot seat, facing real questions from prosecutors, in front of a judge and under the bright lights of justice and a God who very clearly states in His commandments, “Thou shalt not kill.” Yessir. #Justice4Trayvon


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  1. Zimmerman is nuts. It’s also God’s plan that he’s imprisoned for a very long time.

  2. I saw this story last night and couldn’t bring myself to read it because I was just annoyed by just the thought of what he might say. Moreso I am increasingly scared for my brown son and all the black and brown boys and girls out there because clearly there are a ridiculous number of folks who felt the urge to dig deep into the pockets and support this whackadoodle. Especially in this economy where good, solid organizations, who’s work is protecting our youth, are struggling from a decline giving. It is mind boggling to me. If the measure or a society is how we treat our young, we yet again are not measuring up.

  3. I can’t wait till this goes to trial. The nonsense just needs to stop. He needs to be imprisoned for the rest of his natural life.

  4. All of this just makes me sick. I am appalled at Zimmerman’s behavior, and his asking to readdress his statements is some straight up bull, and was for the media – not because he meant it. There is serious injustice happening within our society, and I sincerely hope that justice can be found for Trayvon.

  5. George Zimmerman is libeling my God because God is love…What this guy did was not love…it was hate, and he needs to be punished swiftly and vigorously…however, it may have been God’s plan for this dude to have this interview…As elders have told me, it is better to be quiet and be thought a fool and than to open your mouth and remove all doubt….

    • Yep, I hope he continues to dig himself even deeper because he just doesn’t know when to shut up.

      I am not religious at all, but I believe in justice and I believe in karma. This murderer will pay for his actions someday…none of us can say when or how, but it will happen.

      I am embarrassed to admit that my white in-laws seem to be supportive of what he did. I find it funny that they call themselves Christians but they condone the killing of an innocent boy. I guess they don’t see Trayvon as anything but a big, scary Black menace…the same racist imagery that has been used throughout history to justify harming Black people.

      My heart goes out to Trayvon’s family and everyone who knew/loved him. They have been so brave despite this pain. And to Trayvon…RIP, little brother. Your life was snuffed out by a senseless act of hate, It is my only hope that justice will be served.

  6. There is no way this coward will take the stand.

    • @ Elita…I believe that he will take the stand eventually, but he will most likely continue to make the same old tired excuses about self-defense. Obviously he will say anything to cover his behind.

      I also don’t believe for one second that Trayvon attacked him first.

  7. he’s not sorry ima tell you why not only has his story changed (why i know its murder) he was MAD at folks who were robbing he was trying to get gully with a black teenager AND wanted to ‘clean up his neighborhood’ when he realized he was LOSING to a teen, he shot him. He’s sorry he got caught but feels TOTALLY justified because “he wouldve been a criminal anyway right and he ‘attacked’ me. he has no remorse b/c trays life doesnt matter and his life is MORE important. never mind he told ppl the reason he shot him was because trayvon reached for his gun, he’s a LIAR. So i believe there was a bigger fight and he is LYING about what happened that night. Why does he get an interview on FOXnews if a black man killed a 17 year in self defense and said it was GOD’s plan he’s be under the jail .

  8. i mean why is He still walking isnt it obvious he’s got issues. he lied to the judge got a criminal background and has committed murder, now its God’s plan. *blank stare do our kids mean absolutely nothing that you can snuff out a life get in a white BMW and be on sean hannity. #whatthewhat?

  9. I can’t wait until he takes the stand either. I seen this interview and could not believe that he would state that it was in God’s plan for this to happen. He obviously is a selfish psychotic man. Let’s not get started on this issue of him having a sex offense looming in the air. Just looking at him gives me the creeps

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