The 6-Year-Old Who Can Make Your Booty Pop—And the Adults Who Should Be Carted Away For This Madness

What in the name of Elmo, Barney and all things Sweet Baby Jesus sacred is going on with this world when a mother and a father and a grip of scantily-clad, grown ass women all come together as one to stand a 6-year-old boy in front of a camera and film him rapping a song called “Booty Pop” while barely covered adult female donks are shaking in his baby face?


You read that right: YouTube is ablaze with a video of a 6-year-old child—aspiring South Florida rapper Albert Roundtree, Jr.—debuting a song in which he promises, “I can make your booty pop, booty pop, booty pop, boo-booty pop!” What’s worse: there are at least a half dozen women, all dressed in cheap bikinis and a face full of dime store make-up, twisting and twirling and whipping their weaves and dropping it like it’s hot, literally, in this child’s face. While he playfully squirts water on their bodies with a water gun shaped like a man’s private parts. For the entire world to see. With, seemingly, absolutely no regard for the fact that they’re doing club ho moves and simulating ejaculation—with a smile!—in a video for a first-grader so young his baby lisp makes it hard for anyone to understand anything he’s saying.

Can someone—anyone—please explain to me how in the pedophile hell something like this not only happens, but ends up on the internet for the whole of the world to see? Can someone—anyone—please explain to me where this child’s mother and father were when this was going on, and why it didn’t occur to either one of them that maybe, just maybe, it’s not ever a good idea to turn your son into a 6-year-old version of Uncle Luke, replete with Luke Dancers? Can someone—anyone—please explain to me just how little dignity you’d have to have to be one of an entire grip of women who could co-sign this ratchetness by proudly, giddily, waking up in the morning and saying, “Why yes, I’d LOVE to pop my ass in front of a first grader today!”

I Googled this video and the kid: I’ve found no evidence of his parents receiving a visit from child services. But forreal, forreal? Authorities should be involved. I’d go get the mother and the father first. Then I’d send someone for all the video hoes. And the film director. And the cameraman. The producers. The production company. And anyone else who was involved in this foolishness.

Think I’m taking it too far? Consider this: what if that was a 6-year-old girl in the pool, surrounded by a bunch of scantily clad men with penises slinging in her face while she simulated ejaculation and said, over and over again, “I can make your booty pop”? Would we find it cute or funny then? Would anybody who even remotely cares about that child or her well-being let this stand? Approve? Applaud?

Clearly, Dance Moms and The Kardashians got folks all twisted on how to raise kids, what it takes to help them into the spotlight and when too much is just, well, too much. Or maybe the Mayans were right about 2012: “Booty Pop” might just be the sign of the coming apocalypse. #EPICfail (My blog friend Evelyn Alvarez spotted this video for MyBrownBaby; you can catch “Booty Pop” over at WorldStarHipHop. I refuse to run child porn on this here site.)


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Denene Millner

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  1. YouTube has flagged this video as “adult content.” Hello? If a video featuring a 6 year old is “adult content,” it shouldn’t be on YouTube at all. This is child pornography. And yes, the parents should be getting a call from CPS in 5…4…3…2…

  2. Sweet Jesus! How could any grown person stand there and think this was ok? The douche bag parents obviously had money on their mind thinking they could profit off a preschool prodigy. The ONLY money they should be concerned about is BAIL money. Lock them up and throw away the key!

  3. i contacted YouTube to pull the video—

  4. *smh*

    Definitely with Ess, contacting YT to pull this.

    Absolutely absurd…tragic even.

  5. Six. years. old. Proof that early sexualization isn’t just happening to girls alone.

  6. I’m afraid to see it because I know I’m just going to get even more angry after you described how the video was. Gah! so absolutely dreadful!

  7. This is unbelievable…if I had not seen it for myself I would have thought you were exaggerating. I don’t think you are going overboard at all in stating the mother, father, production crew, etc should all be rounded up!! This is abuse in the nth degree and this child needs to be removed from this destructive environment.

  8. This is wrong on so many levels! Some people want to be famous so bad that they are willing to exploit their children for a couple of dollars.

  9. wow. this is child pornography and someone needs to go to jail. #thatisall i hope those were not real women in that video and photoshopped in b/c youtube needs to be sued and someone needs to be sitting next to brutus (in jail) in fact i got more respect for brutus cause maybe he in there for strangling a pedophile. #bet

  10. These are the folks that produced this garbage:

    Froze-N-Time Productions


  11. I don’t care to see the video either. I already know what it may all be about and look.

    This is what we should be “proud” of as an American!?! I mean I went to the 4th of July fireworks celebration and I see nothing but women that were scantly clad and the men smoking and drinking and bumping loud cars! I mean it was madness and I don’t want to take my kids ever again. The scantly clad women/mamas were holding their babies or walking along side children. What I saw at the event was so representative of what is going on everywhere. This is what children are exposed to now a days and it is sad and really has to stop. The Poor parenting has to stop! Yet, those same parent are nowhere to be found at parent/teacher conferences!

    There are not many responsible adults these days, and that includes the grannys who also act like kids as well. Sad days indeed! The struggle continues!

  12. Absolutely revolting and pathetic…one of the saddest things I’ve seen in a long time.

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