Trayvon Martin’s Family Launches ‘Change For Trayvon’ To Fight Stand Your Ground Laws

While wanna-be neighborhood watchman-turned-vigilante child murderer George Zimmerman and his lawyer are working hard to hem up his prosecution with weekly (winey) court filings and a lawsuit against NBC for “making him look like a racist,” Trayvon Martin’s parents are putting their time and money to good use with a new website they hope will help change the controversial Stand Your Ground law that helped protect Zimmerman from being arrested for killing their son.

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton’s aims to give Trayvon’s family a voice in the political process as they travel across the country, challenging Stand Your Ground laws. The couple is calling for the law to be revised so that in states where people are allowed to invoke Stand Your Ground to justify killing someone, there is mandatory judicial or prosecutorial review before those killers are let off the hook. Currently, the website says, the laws “allow individuals to shoot first and ask questions later”—a tragic flaw that keeps “parents like ourselves from finding peace.”

According to Change For Trayvon, 32 states across the United States have Stand Your Ground laws that allow people to “escape” responsibility in the death of others. Though well-intentioned, flaws in the laws allow shoots to avoid justice and deny families the opportunity for closure in the deaths of loved ones, the site adds.

“Stand your ground is a solution in search of a problem, and it’s a terrible solution, with tragic results; like the death of our son,” the site notes, adding that Trayvon’s parents created the movement “to honor our son who taught us that life is truly beautiful.” The couple implores supporters to donate money to help them “create change that saves lives and prevents parents from experiencing the grief that we have had to endure” by educating voters, candidates and elected officials on the laws’ impact on victims and families.

Martin and Fulton state their case and make an impassioned plea for help in this video, featured on Watch it, visit the website, donate some cash—anything helps—and give Trayvon Martin’s parents your support by helping them protect our children and families from the tragedy that delayed bringing George Zimmerman, their son’s killer, to justice.


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