White Man Accused Of Slapping Black Baby Says His Son Was Dying, Pleads Not Guilty

Joe Rickey Hundley, the 60-year-old Idaho man accused of slapping a 19-month-old African American baby in his face and demanding the child’s mother “shut that nigger baby up,” during an airplane flight in February pleaded not guilty to federal assault charges earlier this week. While he admits to hurling the racial slur at Jessica Bennett, the child’s mother, Hundley denies striking little Jonah. His lawyer, Marcia Shein, also insists that when the alleged incident occurred, Hundley was upset and grieving because he was on his way to take his son off life support. Shein says Hundley’s son died the day after the airplane altercation. However, Bennett says Hundley had several cocktails on the plane and was sloppy drunk when he yelled at her child and hit him in the face, causing his eye to swell and bleed. Hundley faces a $100,000 fine and a maximum penalty of a year in jail if found guilty on the assault charges—which, in my opinion, wouldn’t even begin to be punishment enough for a grown man  accused of pimp slapping a stranger’s baby and calling him the “N” word. Like, at all. Read more about the case at NewsOne.

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And finally, he’s on break right now, but Kid President jumped back into action to help a very special 6th grader who is working to make the world more awesome. After being invited to the NYC premiere of Dreamworks Animation’s new film The Croods, he decided it’d be the perfect opportunity to create a video for Chase, who is working to provide meals to families in his community who don’t have them on the weekends, when free school lunch is unavailable. Check out Kid President’s fun video—and his mack moves on Emma Stone—in the video below.

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  1. I agree-this is absolutely shameful. There is no excuse, NO EXCUSE for what he did.

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