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Today on MyBrownBaby, we celebrate Mater Mea mom Alicia Hall Moran, a classically trained mezzo-soprano currently starring in the national tour of the Tony Award-winning revival of The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess. She was photographed by J. Quazi King for Mater Mea. Enjoy!

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mater mea: Did you have any conversations with your husband or concerns about raising black sons?

Alicia Hall Moran: I can say this: No child will ever choose something that they don’t want. They’re very honest about their wants. So if you want them to want something, for them to make a choice that you would therein approve of later in their life, they have to want that thing.

For them to want something there has to be a desire created for it. They have to like it. They have to have a fantasy life around the thing. They have to think it’s an enjoyable thing, a tasty, delicious, wonderful thing. A thing that is an avenue to ever unfolding, even more wonderful experience.

I just try to arm them because I know what’s going to happen to them. You’re a parent, [but] you’re not going to be able to keep any of those [things] away. Some black boy is going to step up to my child one day with something to say about my child’s version of blackness. That’s what kids do. My child might be the one to step up to another child and say something a little off, you don’t want that either. Where I feel responsible is in preparing them [to] accept everything out there that tells them they’re wonderful and beautiful. And they’re everywhere if you’re looking for those things.

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This photo and quote was reprinted with permission from mater mea.

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