So, here’s the thing: I’ve never, ever done my nails. Like, ever. First of all, I’m a writer and a mother, right? Which means that my nails are always clicking against a keyboard or plunging in somebody’s dishwater or scrubbing somebody’s bathtub or doing somebody’s twists or locs so, yeah, I don’t bother making my hands look extra special. Clean and neat, that’s how I roll.

My daughters, however, are nail fiends. Seriously. My Mari’s nails grow fast and long, and she makes a point of keeping them filed in all kinds of interesting shapes adorned with all kinds of colors and designs. So obsessed is she that I felt it was my downright duty to hook her up for Christmas with a sick set of colorful new nail polishes, stickers, brushes and dotting instruments in a beautiful, spacious box designed to hold all her new nail art goodies. She loves it—plays in her nail art set like a boy does video games. Bonus: Lila is in on the action, too.

Which brings us to Totally Lila and the Totally Awesome Nail Art. In this week’s episode, the tween, bored out of her wits again after #SnowmageddonATL Part 2 (you saw in Totally Lila and the Totally Snowy Day that sitting cooped up in the house is not Lila’s idea of a good time), talks her teen sister into a tutorial of super cute nail designs, including cheetah print, daisy flowers and ombre. Their how-to’s are simple, easy and to-the-point—chockfull of great info on how to achieve the look. But Lord, when those two fools get to the part where they have to let their nails dry? Mercy. Let’s just say that their mama, who doubled as the camerawoman on this episode, had quite the time holding the iPad steady while cracking up. Truly, something is wrong with these little girls. Watch and see for yourself at about the 14-minute mark.

Enjoy Totally Lila’s Nail Art Tutorial. Show it to your girlpies, and if you or they dig it, by all means, tell Lila in the comments section on her YouTube page or here at MyBrownBaby. She lives for the energy, and appreciates every bit of support and encouragement you’re tossing her way!

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Denene Millner

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  1. May I book an appointment with the Girlpies for nail art? It’s awesome!!!

  2. The case is great! Where did you get it? I want one!!

  3. Great video girls. I wish I had such an informative video when I was your age. And I love how you ended with the song “Happy.”

  4. Great job girlpies!

  5. My girlpies Loved it and they are all excited to try it out… I mean for mommy to try it out on their nails (they are 6 and 7). They thought the dancing at the end was very funny and silly. Thanks for the demo girlpies 🙂

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