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Totally Lila and the Totally Awesome Nail Art, Featuring Big Sis Mari

When Totally Lila teams up with guest star/big sister Mari to show off a few nail art how-to's, hilarity ensues.

– Feb 19, 2014

‘Totally Lila’ and the Totally Awesome Beauty Tips for Tweens

In this week's episode of "Totally Lila," Lila gives the how-to's on tween beauty, with a focus on moisturized lips.

– Feb 12, 2014

‘Totally Lila’ and the Totally Snowy Day: When Snow Strikes Tweens

In the latest episode of "Totally Lila," Little Girlpie shows how tweens "enjoy" a snow day.

– Feb 5, 2014

Introducing ‘Totally Lila’: A New YouTube Show For Tweens

I challenged my 11-year-old to use her own brain to entertain herself. She created her own show.

– Jan 29, 2014

Getting Grown: My Babies Aren’t Babies Anymore. [Word(ful) Wednesday]

It seems like this happened in just the blink of an eye. One day, they were giggly, cute little chubby-cheeked babies riding on my hip....

– Oct 17, 2012