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The Maiden Flight: MyBrownBaby First Girlpie Mari Graduates High School Today!

Mari graduates today from high school, with honors. We are over the moon proud of her.

– May 25, 2017

Mari, the First Girlpie of MyBrownBaby, is Going to Yale!

Mari, the Girlpie you've watched grow up into a confident, brilliant, beautiful young woman right here on MyBrownBaby, is headed to the Ivy League!

– May 16, 2017

‘Blackish’: Teaching Black Children To Embrace ALL Of Us

'Blackish,' the new ABC sitcom starring Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, has the potential to tell some honest truths.

– Sep 24, 2014

For Trayvon Martin & Michael Brown: A Black Teen Girl On Why Their Lives Mattered

As we grapple with the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, a 15-year-old girl wonders when she will be free of the fear and worry born from hate.

– Sep 16, 2014

25 Things You Don’t Know About MyBrownBaby’s Denene Millner—aka My Mom

You thought you knew Denene Millner? You have no idea. See what you find out when her daughter turns the blogging spotlight on her.

– Jun 19, 2014

Eff Madonna, Sarah Palin & the Naked Black Woman Chair.

Is it me, or have white folk (not all, but enough to notice) gone mad?

– Jan 21, 2014

Natural Hair: A Teen Struggles To Rock Her Locs Proudly, Courageously

I went #teamnatural 13 years ago with a very specific intention: to show and prove to my daughter, Mari, that she should be proud of...

– Aug 5, 2013

Adoption and ‘The Blood’: Embracing the True Meaning Of Love, Family and the Ties That Bind

I am adopted. It is not something that I choose to focus on or talk about much. Because for most of my life, it has...

– Oct 9, 2012

‘Hotel Transylvania’ Review: Monsters Rock In This Fun, Kid-Friendly Flick

By MARI CHILES Not many children would want to go see a movie about monsters in a dark movie theater unless they’re scary movie fanatics...

– Oct 1, 2012

With Catchy Music and Powerful Message, ‘Let It Shine’ Is Another Winner for Disney

Let It Shine premieres tonight on the Disney Channel at 8 pm.  By MARI CHILES Let It Shine is an amazing movie, with a theme...

– Jun 15, 2012