With Catchy Music and Powerful Message, ‘Let It Shine’ Is Another Winner for Disney

Let It Shine premieres tonight on the Disney Channel at 8 pm.


Let It Shine is an amazing movie, with a theme that appeals to everyone—basically showing that you should follow your dreams and be confident in yourself. Don’t try to change yourself just because other people want you to. All of the main characters in the movie, Cyrus, Kris, Roxie, and Bling, go through their own trials of trying to be confident and true to themselves.

Let It Shine is about a boy named Cyrus, played by Tyler James Williams (from “Everybody Hates Chris”), whose life revolves around music, whether it is playing the instruments, writing songs, or following different genres of music and artists. But he is afraid to stand up for himself when it’s time to present his music to other people. He comes across a songwriting contest on television hosted by Roxy, a famous pop star, played by Coco Jones. Cyrus writes a beautiful song and sends it in for the contest with a picture of him and his best friend, Kris, played by Trevor Jackson. But the music company gets mixed up between Cyrus and Kris in the picture and thinks Kris is the songwriter. Now Cyrus is afraid to tell Roxy the truth as to why he lied. And while this is happening, Cyrus won’t stand up for himself and his music when the neighborhood rap star, Bling, played by Brandon Mychal Smith, picks on him because he has better rhymes. Cyrus’ father, a church minister, despises the fact that Cyrus is into rap music, and sets out to stop Cyrus from making rap songs and going to the local music spot to listen to it.

What I liked most about the movie was all of the songs in it. There were so many different genres of music in the movie, like pop, hip-hop, and gospel. I caught myself clapping along to the beat and singing along because the songs were so catchy. I also liked how all of the characters were different, but somehow seemed to gel and impact each other. Cyrus was the musical genius, afraid to show his true feelings. Kris was the nice pretty boy, who didn’t have as much musical talent as Cyrus, but had the looks to go all the way. Roxy was the famous popstar who doesn’t think that her voice is really special enough to be famous when it really is. And Bling was the arrogant, cocky dude (he really wasn’t like that in real life when I met him at the Atlanta premiere!) whose “hot rhymes” have made him popular. Their personalities help to make a good plot and a good movie. Plus, all of them are so good at playing their characters and conveying the story!

This movie is basically great for all ages. Kids will love the music and the humor, and parents are able to enjoy the music and the humor with them, and also appreciate the theme. It is a really great movie to watch on a family movie night, or a sleepover. It’s not an adult movie that kids can’t watch, and it isn’t a kiddie movie that adults aren’t interested in. It is right in between and perfect for everyone.

The movie has humor and many, many songs, so you’ll be clapping to the beat the whole time. It also tries to a convey a great message to the audience, so you can walk away feeling confident, and with all of the songs stuck in your head! Let It Shine is a great movie from start to finish.

Mari Chiles, 13, is a MyBrownBaby contributor and youth culture critic.


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