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Hello. My Name Is Denene Millner and I’m A Screamer.

I don’t mean to holler and yell like a banshee when my kids get out of line. It just, like, happens. Usually, I yell after...

– Aug 16, 2012

My Birth Mother, My Hero

We give a lot of praise to the parents who adopt children—and rightfully so. But we should also throw flowers at the feet of the birth mothers, too.

– Feb 21, 2018

Megyn Kelly, Black Santa and Other Colored Things That’ll Make Her Fox Head Explode

If Fox's Megyn Kelly is offended by the idea of a Black Santa, her head would explode if she knew all the ways Blackness rears its beautiful head in our household.

– Dec 17, 2013

Brown Skin Beauty: Makeup Artist Muse Gives MyBrownBaby A (Much-Needed) Beauty and Makeup Overhaul

I was about 14 when I started boosting my mom’s make-up. Nothing over-the-top—a little eyeliner, some mascara, I think. The occasional lipstick. It made me...

– Sep 25, 2013

My #KinseyUntold Story: A Black Couple Adopts A Baby, Building Their Family and Defying the Odds

I hear often whenever the subject of adoption comes up that white people adopt Black children because African American couples will not, and sure, there...

– Sep 4, 2013

A Mother’s Love: A Love Letter To The Woman Who Gave Me Away {Diggin In the MBB Crates}

Editor’s Note: This will be the 10th Mother’s Day I’ll have without her, and though I’m sure it will nowhere near as painful as the...

– May 10, 2013

Black Women and Heart Health: Know the Symptoms Of Attack and Be Smart About Your Heart

My mother had beautiful hands—lovely, long and fresh, just like her. She kept her fingernails dipped in maroons and dark browns—subtle, but still noticeable. Strong....

– Feb 7, 2013

Natural, Not Nappy: Surviving Back-handed Compliments On My Kinky, Curly Mane

The thing of it is, I’ve had natural hair for about 12 years now—years before Shea Moisture and Miss Jessie’s found a home on Target’s...

– Oct 2, 2012

Katherine Jackson & the Jackson Family Values: A Billion Dollars Worth Of Mess

The fight over Michael Jackson’s children and estate has turned into a messy mess of an affair, with accusations of mama kidnapping, auntie slap boxing,...

– Jul 26, 2012

I’ll Always Love My Mama: Missing My Mom On Mother’s Day (Redux)

Mother’s Day is a little tricky around here; it makes me incredibly happy to celebrate motherhood with my family and friends, but incredibly sad, too,...

– May 11, 2012