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In Honor Of the Black Mothers Of Slain Sons: Art for Justice

In honor of the mothers who cry out for their sons.

– May 1, 2015

Powerless Black Mothers: Protecting Our Sons From Stereotypes, Danger Feels Impossible

This mom is raising three Black sons who love loud music and hoodies. And she's scared to death she won't be able to protect them from the tyranny of stereotypes.

– Apr 15, 2014

Black Breastfeeding Week 2013: Celebrating Black Mothers, Babies and the Best First Food

Black lives matter. Black mothers and our babies matter. Black breastfeeding—this definitely matters. That’s why MyBrownBaby is proud to support Black Breastfeeding Week, the inaugural...

– Aug 26, 2013

Newt Gingrich To Poor Black Mothers And Children: Pick Up a Broom, Lazy Asses.

Sweet baby Jesus—serial sexual harasser and unapologetic adulterer Herman Cain finally crawls back into his hole and now we gotta watch serial cheater and crook...

– Dec 5, 2011

Going It Alone: Survey Says Black Mothers Get Little Help, Services & Support While Giving Birth

A groundbreaking survey of African American mothers on their pregnancy and birth experiences reveals that black moms have little support before, during and after birth—a...

– Dec 5, 2011

Tackling Infant Mortality Rates—Without Stereotyping Black Mothers

So I wake up Saturday morning to this New York Times piece, Tackling Infant Mortality Rates Among Blacks, and by story’s end, I’m heated. I...

– Oct 17, 2011

Our Unsung Mothers Of Modern Gynecology: How White History Shades Black Pain

Anarcha, Betsey, and Lucy, Black women, shed blood at the hands of a sadistic doctor who used their bodies for medical experimentation. They are the martyrs—the mothers of modern gynecology. Say their names.

– Feb 15, 2017

The Attack On Black Single Mothers: Outrunning Stereotypes, Carrying the Burden

Black mothers are forced to expend energy trying to outrun the idea that they are bad mothers who birth and then neglect bad kids with uninvolved, bad daddies. And that's a sin and a shame.

– Jul 13, 2015

For White Mothers Who Don’t Know How To Style Their Black Children’s Natural Hair: I Feel You

This mom says she'll never look at that brown child with the white mom and make assumptions again.

– Mar 17, 2014

Apology To My Brown Boy: Bassey Ikpi On Trayvon Martin, Mothers & Raising Black Boys (VIDEO)

Friends: MyBrownBaby contributor Bassey Ikpi penned this post and recorded the accompanying video, “Apology To My Brown Boy,” for her site, Bassey’s World. She very...

– Mar 28, 2012