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Totally Lila and the Totally Awesome Exercise Work Out For Tweens

Totally Lila is back with a new video showing off how she stays fit for soccer.

– Mar 19, 2014

‘Totally Lila’ and the Totally Awesome Beauty Tips for Tweens

In this week's episode of "Totally Lila," Lila gives the how-to's on tween beauty, with a focus on moisturized lips.

– Feb 12, 2014

‘Totally Lila’ and the Totally Snowy Day: When Snow Strikes Tweens

In the latest episode of "Totally Lila," Little Girlpie shows how tweens "enjoy" a snow day.

– Feb 5, 2014

Introducing ‘Totally Lila’: A New YouTube Show For Tweens

I challenged my 11-year-old to use her own brain to entertain herself. She created her own show.

– Jan 29, 2014

‘I Am Beautiful the Way I Am’: NYC Girls Project Encourages Self-Esteem For Tweens

Here’s the thing: I’m no fan of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. His crusade against cigarettes, super-sized sodas and fatty oils in restaurant food...

– Oct 2, 2013

{Dr. Ivor Is In} Birds, Bees, and Body Changes: Talking To Tweens & Teens About Puberty

By DR. IVOR HORN The first time I was interviewed about this subject my oldest child, a girl, was 9 years old. She is 13 now and...

– Mar 27, 2013

For Tweens, Sexual Images Can Be Overwhelming and Harmful

By NICK CHILES Exposed to overtly sexual messages all around them, our tweens are growing up too early and can be harmed by exposure to...

– May 31, 2012

Tweens, Dating and the Value of Girls and Women

By NADIRAH ANGAIL I have a brother-in-law (five of them actually, but let’s just focus on the one). He likes to joke about how my...

– May 7, 2012

{Let’s Talk About Sex} Tweens, Sex & the Essence Article That Scared the Crap Out Of Me

A few weeks ago, I dropped my Mari off for her first day of middle school and watched her trot up the long walkway to...

– Oct 14, 2011

Tweens and Cell Phones A Lethal Combination

By DENENE MILLNER  There they were, a restaurant table-full of 11-year-olds in their glittered shirts and multi-colored sneakers and dangling neon earrings, holding their cell...

– Aug 9, 2010