Paying Homage To The OB-GYN Who Escorted Me Into Motherhood, Plus: Happy Mother’s Day!

Celebrating the real MVP: the ob-gyn who helped me give birth.

– May 5, 2011

The MyBrownBaby 2011 Bucket List

Here's the thing: Resolutions just aren't my thing. I mean, I've made them before promised to stop cursing (I curse like a New York City...

– Jan 24, 2011

He Wants It, She's Too Tired To Give It: The Sex Lives Of Married Folk Bali-Style.

One of my favorite TV shows ever is CBS’s Sunday Morning. It’s like NPR with pictures thoughtful, interesting, fresh, and above all else, intelligent. On...

– Nov 3, 2010

Happy Birthday To Meeeeeee!!!

Here’s the thing: I spent an enormous amount of time in my life wanting to fix me… My hair… My skin color… My curves…  My...

– Oct 21, 2010

Wordful Wednesday: Just Me and My Beautiful Girls

Just the other day, my friend and MyBrownBaby contributing writer Bassey Ikpi wrote a beautiful piece on her Bassey’s World site, about her memories of...

– Sep 15, 2010


  Forty-one-year-old woman with husband and three kids seeks consort/right-hand lady/stand-in to cut a sistah some slack/work out some things around the house when she...

– Sep 8, 2010

{Digging In the MBB Crates} For My (Pro Union) Mom and Dad On Labor Day

For working hard And toiling long hours In hot factories On sore feet With tired hands But peaceful hearts For not enough pay And a...

– Sep 6, 2010

She's My Favorite Girl (And Happy Mother's Day)

Sunday is Mother’s Day. And my mom is gone from here. I struggle to find the words to express the profound longing I feel this...

– May 7, 2010

Celebrating and Finally Loving! My Curves

Editor's note: I wrote this piece after a riveting conversation with the brilliant T. Allen-Mercado of Tea & Honey Bread, who is exploring body and...

– Apr 19, 2010

Designing and Living Your Fullest Life with Execumama and Naturi Beauty

EDITOR’S NOTE:CONGRATULATIONS, KRYSTAL GRANT you’re the winner of the ticket to Execumama’s “With Mom in Mind” event. Akilah will reach out to you with details...

– Apr 1, 2010