{Wordful Wednesday} We’ve Been Snowbound For Three Days :: Send. Help. Now.

We’re snowbound. Again. Being held hostage by all the ice and a bunch of people who can’t drive on said ice and a city that...

– Jan 12, 2011

He Wants It, She's Too Tired To Give It: The Sex Lives Of Married Folk Bali-Style.

One of my favorite TV shows ever is CBS’s Sunday Morning. It’s like NPR with pictures thoughtful, interesting, fresh, and above all else, intelligent. On...

– Nov 3, 2010

Get It, Toyota: MyBrownBaby Hearts The "Swagger Wagon"

Just so you know, ain’t nothing funnier than watching white folks be “down.” Like, seriously? He didn’t have to be bald with the glasses, but...

– Oct 27, 2010


  Forty-one-year-old woman with husband and three kids seeks consort/right-hand lady/stand-in to cut a sistah some slack/work out some things around the house when she...

– Sep 8, 2010

Room To Spare

So four more months and Mazi will be headed to Lafayette College. Which means… SPARE ROOM! What? Ain’t no shame in my game. Before the...

– Apr 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday If You Think This is Bad, You Should See The Other Kid!

Okay, so Lila didn’t lose her two front teeth throwing ‘bows. Well, not really. Let Mari tell it, and an unfortunate jostling incident with her...

– Jul 29, 2009