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President Barack Obama’s Tearful Thank You To His Campaign Volunteers—And Us Who Supported Him

And after a whirlwind week in which we celebrated the re-election of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States, I think we’re...

– Nov 8, 2012

President Barack Obama’s Victory Speech 2012—Video and Transcript

For those who couldn’t keep your eyes open long enough to catch his words and those who simply want to relive the magic again, here...

– Nov 7, 2012

Forward: President Barack Obama Elected To Second Term In Historic 2012 Presidential Race

No matter the Tea Party politicking. No matter the massive assault on the rights of women. No matter the hundreds of millions of dollars pumped,...

– Nov 7, 2012

Chris Rock To White Voters: Obama Is A White President You Can Trust! (VIDEO)

What cracks me all the way up is the folk who proclaim loudly and proudly that African American voters are pulling the lever for Barack...

– Nov 5, 2012

President Barack Obama—the Baby Whisperer (VIDEO)

No, I’m not referring to President Barack Obama’s silencing of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Monday night’s third and final presidential debate. I’m shouting...

– Oct 24, 2012

Why I’m Voting For Barack Obama In the 2012 Presidential Election

Last night marked the last of the debates between President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and with just two weeks to go...

– Oct 23, 2012

Register To Vote In the 2012 Obama vs. Romney Presidential Election Here!

I must admit: I didn’t pay much attention to politics as a kid. I mean, I knew Jimmy Carter was president in the 70s and...

– Sep 4, 2012


By NICK CHILES How do I even begin to understand the unfathomable? It is as if I have been told that gravity is a hoax,...

– Jan 20, 2009

A Word About That Malia Obama Selfie

When it comes to that Malia Obama selfie, America needs to get itself some chill.

– Jan 8, 2015

In Tearful Speech, Michelle Obama Recognizes Her Own Life in Hadiya Pendleton’s

By NICK CHILES Sometimes it feels like the rest of us operate in a separate world than our lawmakers in Washington. I’ve been getting that...

– Apr 11, 2013