African American mothers

We Wear the Crown: Celebrating Beautiful Black Women From A To Z

Celebrating Black womanhood and all of its beautiful manifestations.

– May 13, 2015

A Special Mother’s Day Tribute To The Women Who Helped Raise Me & The BFFs Who Show My Girlpies How To Be

On this Mother's Day, I not only celebrate my mother, but her friends and my friends, too—the women who helped me become the woman I am and who are helping my daughters be their best selves.

– May 7, 2015

The Truth About Age 46: On My Birthday, So Happy Being Me

Celebrating my birthday at age 46: it just gets better with time.

– Oct 21, 2014

Forget About Facebook and Focus On The Real “Apple” of Our Eyes

Does your obsession with social media keep you from being truly present with your children? This mom asks the tough question.

Nothing Even Matters: A Poetic Prophecy for My Little Girl

In celebration of National Poetry Month, a poem celebrating brown mommies and baby girls.

How Becoming a Mom Changes You: mater mea’s Staceyann Chin

Showing the beauty, complexity, strength and awesome of Black moms and our children with a celebration of mater mea mom Staceyann Chin, a spoken word poet, performance artist and activist.

– Apr 2, 2014

What Beautiful Black Moms Look Like: mater mea shows our glory

mater mea celebrates motherhood through beautiful imagery, but the website needs our help to continue showing the beauty of us.

– Feb 4, 2014

Baby Teeth Jewelry Is Actually, Like, A Thing. So You Know.

Apparently, moms across the land are so obsessed over preserving memories of their babies that they're having their kids' baby teeth dipped in gold and silver and attached to chains.

– Jan 17, 2014

This Is 45—And Other Happy Birthday Musings

I've never felt stronger, wiser, more confident, beautiful, sexy or smarter than on this day.

– Oct 21, 2013

Are Black Moms Meaner Than Most? {MyBrownBaby Open Thread}

We know Black moms love our babies and that we care for their every need just like any other mom. But my God, the cursing, the beating, the emotional abuse that we see all-too-many Black moms unleashing on their children in the street, at the mall, on public transportation, in school, out in public, hurts us to my core.

– Oct 17, 2013