black boys

Because of Stereotypes, Black Boys Adjust Better Socially Than Black Girls in Suburban Schools

Black boys in the suburbs appear to have a much easier time assimilating and being accepted because the stereotypes about African-American male children help them in social situations, while the stereotypes for black girls harm them.

– Oct 24, 2013

A Black Boy’s Haircut Inspires Natural Hair Hate—And Encourages A Mom To Pen An Uplifting Book

By AMA KARIKARI No, I was not hallucinating at the time God gave me the story. I was a heart-broken mother struggling to teach her...

– Oct 3, 2013

Cuz He’s Black: When African American Boys Ready Themselves For a War We Can’t Prepare Them For

Really, I have no words to add to what poet Javon Johnson says in this, his poem, “Cuz He’s Black.” All the emotion, all the...

– Aug 30, 2013

This Is My Beautiful, Smart Nephew Miles. He Will Change the World. And #HeIsNotASuspect

Editor’s Note: In response to the George Zimmerman verdict and the flood of responses from its readers, ESSENCE magazine is launching #HeIsNotASuspect, a powerful social...

– Jul 23, 2013

Saving Our Sons: The Cliffnotes Version of My Ebony Series on Black Boys

By NICK CHILES When I decided to become a journalist about three decades ago as a junior at Yale, I envisioned myself stomping across the...

– Jun 20, 2013

A MyBrownBaby Salute to Ebony Magazine for the Cover Story, ‘Saving Our Sons’

By NICK CHILES I have been writing about black males for most of the past two decades, but I’ve never been as excited about a...

– Apr 18, 2013

Good Week for Black Boys—Thanks to Work of Shawn Dove and a White Billionaire

BY NICK CHILES The plight of young black boys has always been of special interest to me. Having raised one black boy into manhood and...

– Oct 2, 2012

Cleveland Texas Gang Rape UPDATE: Man Convicted In 11-Year-Old’s Assault Has Been Caught!

UPDATE: Eric McGowen, the man convicted and sentenced to 99 years in prison for his role in the repeated gang rape of an 11-year-old Cleveland,...

– Sep 11, 2012

Gang Rape Of 11-Year-Old Cleveland, Texas Girl Goes To Trial: An Update

Two years after 20 men and boys were charged in the repeated gang rape of an 11-year-old girl in Cleveland, Texas, the child, whom we...

– Aug 30, 2012