disciplining black children

A Biracial Mom Asks: What Do I Do When Black Relatives Pressure Me To Spank?

What's a white mom to do when her biracial toddler starts acting up in front of the Black side of the family that believes in spanking?

– Sep 23, 2014

A Better Way: One Mother Wrestles With All This “New Fangled” Discipline

This mom is learning that if she wants to change her daughter's character, not just her behavior, spanking may not be the best option for disciplining.

Adrian Peterson, Charles Barkley & Switches: It’s Time To Let Go of Plantation Discipline

Adrian Peterson and Charles Barkley think switches are good parenting tools. I've got a few betters ones.

– Sep 15, 2014

Positive Discipline: How To Stop Your Kid From Hitting

Dear Mother Wit, My 2-year-old has been hitting me, her big sister, the kids out on the playground, pretty much everybody she comes in contact...

– Jun 13, 2014


Kids aren’t going to be traumatized by a stranger politely telling them not to do something that could potentially harm them, or is just a social norm.

– Feb 10, 2014

Spare the Rod: A Black Father Spanks His Daughter and Vows Never To Do It Again

By SHAWN TAYLOR A couple of years ago, I was very deeply involved in putting together an anthology entitled Ass-Whooping’s Greatest Hits: Reflections on the Spankings We...

– Apr 17, 2013

What Beating A Child With A Cord Looks Like (Newsflash: It Is NOT Good Parenting)

By DR. STACEY PATTON The digital universe is full of viral videos of adults beating children. I view them warily, alert for triggers that catapult...

– Apr 8, 2013

Father Who Beat Daughters With Cable Wire For Twerking Should Be Charged With Child Abuse

I am shaking, eyes filled with water, heart racing, alternately horrified, disgusted and absolutely pissed after watching the viral video of a father beating his...

– Apr 3, 2013

T.I. And Tiny’s Family Hustle: Major Discipline Involves Time-Outs and Words, Not Hands (VIDEO)

Let me just go on ahead and say it: I love me some T.I. Not in a groupie kinda way. I mean, he’s cute and...

– Sep 12, 2012

Daycare Beating By 9-Year-Old Elicits Violent Responses—And Children Suffer

By STACEY PATTON As I watched the video of the 9-year-old child who punched, kicked, bit and pinched babies at a Mississippi daycare late last...

– Aug 3, 2012