The Hardest Job In the World Is Being A Mom—But It’s the Best (Summer Olympics 2012 VIDEO)

A friend of mine posted this video, a P&G salute to the mothers of Olympic athletes, on my personal Facebook page yesterday and seriously, it made me cry. Like, grab a tissue, snot cry. The emotions, the stories, the imagery are so incredibly beautiful, so universal, it’s hard not to well up with pride over holding the hardest but most rewarding job on the planet: being a mom. No matter if they’re athletes or couch potatoes, brilliant or academic strugglers, happy or dour, newborns or grown with babies of their own, there’s not a moment that goes by that we mothers aren’t on our knees for our children, rooting for our children, hoping for our children, working for our children, educating our children, chastising our children, encouraging our children. Loving our children. From sunrise to can’t see, we get it done, don’t we? Our babies know this, for sure. But it sure is nice to see that others get it, too. Go ahead and get you some tissue. You’re going to need it. Then press play. And share it with your co-workers—the women who share in the toughest job in the world. [And shout out to my girl Tarana for hipping me to this lovely offering!]


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  1. snot. sobbing. shaking. thank you. enough blubbering-time to get 7 and 4 to baseball and tball… (with red eyes).

  2. Beautiful commercial! Of course I’m crying 😉

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