Beyonce Grammy Performance 2014

Beyonce’s Grammy Award performance of “Drunk In Love” with Jay-Z was so many things: sexy, racy, fierce, dope. Had me bodyrolling and warbling “Surfin’ all on this good good” with my outdoor voice. And texting my fitness trainer for an emergency session and new game plan for how I’m going to look as bootylicious as B did dancing all up on her husband. The absolute last thing on my mind when she finished and hugged it out with Jay on the stage was that this woman—a wife, a mother, a businesswoman, an international icon—would be called a “whore” for doing her job and doing it well. But there it was, right there in the headline of a U.K. newspaper: “’Whore’ Beyonce angers parents with raunchy act.”



Apparently, the sight of Beyonce’s derriere exploded the internet, with a gang of handwringing hags flapping their gums about how their kids’ childhoods were absolutely ruined—ruined—by the 56th Grammy Awards opener featuring the hottest chick in the game. Wrote Metro:

Horrified viewer Mandy Flores wrote on Facebook: ‘Aren’t u a mother now!!? Thought u had class, how trashy and I couldn’t even let my 8 year old watch. U have never done anything like that! So disappointed.’

Others quickly reached for the remote control, with JJ Boogie tweeting: ‘Opening Grammy song performance inappropriate for young children. Thank you Beyonce. #ChannelChange.’

Another horrified woman said the 32-year-old mum looked like a ‘wh*re on stage’ at the Staples Center in LA.

Trashy? Horrified? Whore?

Now mind you, these are the same people who would turn a blind eye to racist “art” depicting a white woman using a naked Black woman as a chair and applaud Miley Cyrus using Black women’s asses as props in a bizarre, crotch-grabbing, chicken-twerk dance at the VMAs, but have a conniption when Beyonce straddles her phatty across a chair and sings about making love to her husband. They’re the same people, too, who would giggle about how adorbs Justin Beiber looks in his DUI mugshot but would nod their heads furiously in agreement when fellow Tweeters call pro NFL player Richard Sherman a thug and ape and nigger for expressing his emotion after a game-changing play that sent his team to the Super Bowl. And you best be clear that these same people probably wouldn’t have said a peep when a major media outlet referred to then-9-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis as a cunt on the biggest night of her life, but probably had to be buried, resurrected and given a bushel of throat lozenges to get over seeing Janet Jackson’s boob tassle in the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show. Did any of those women call Pink a whore for showing off her Brazilian bikini wax during her splits and sexy curtain twirling at Sunday’s Grammy performance? No?

See the pattern?

I’ll tell you this much: I’m done—done—with all this righteous indignation over the baring of Black bodies and the demand that Black artists color within the lines of respectability drawn specifically for us. (I’m tired, too, of Black folks who quickly co-sign this foolishness by dragging Beyonce for looking sexy while daring to sing about explosive sex, complicated relationships, the beauty of motherhood and finding her voice as a woman in a sexist world, or dogging out shows like Being Mary Jane and Scandal for showing the less-than-perfect, complicated lives of single Black women.)

How about Beyonce sang a song in a sexy outfit with her husband by her side? How about nobody was tied to a chair with their eyelids glued open so that they had to watch Beyonce’s Grammy performance in its entirety? How about if you have a TV, it probably came with some kind of control on it that allows you to turn to another channel or turn off the TV altogether so you don’t have to see—gasp—a big black booty in a thong.

More importantly, how about eight year olds should have their asses in the bed at 8 p.m. anyway? Fact is, Beyonce wouldn’t have been able to “horrify” your children if you were on your job. I counter Metro’s FB trolling/reporting with some of my own—the wise words of my friend and fellow author, Joan Morgan, who had this to say about parents complaining about Beyonce’s dancing/singing/clothing/being:

And so here in lies the other problem… There were PLENTY of things my parents wouldn’t let me watch, listen to, participate in when I was 8. Moms Mabley played frequently in our house and so did Minnie Riperton. I was just told to go somewhere cuz it was grown folks business. And not for nothing, when Sule was 8 he had a damn bed-time. But I guess that’s how it goes these days. Beyonce’s now a whore because you refuse to parent.

Say that, Joan.

How about instead of calling another woman/fellow mom a whore, you read a bedtime book to your kid and tuck him in? Or try what we do in our house with questionable content: we use the DVR as our own personal censor by taping potentially racy shows and starting them 15 to 20 minutes late so that we can fast-forward through inappropriate stuff or pause programs so that we can discuss with our daughters what they’re seeing and how they should be thinking about it critically. You’d be amazed at how receptive kids are when you’re talking to them rather than talking at them. Or worse, covering their eyes while you pile on and call people foul names. Now that’s confident parenting. *insert side-eye here.*

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Denene Millner

Mom. NY Times bestselling author. Pop culture ninja. Unapologetic lover of shoes, bacon and babies. Nice with the verbs. Founder of the top black parenting website, MyBrownBaby.


  1. My 12 year-old daughter and I had a great conversation about women being scantily clad while the men are showing zero skin. This was prompted by the close of the Carter’s performance and continued until Daft punk performed. We delved deep into expectations for each gender and how the age of each artist played into their choices. Also discussed how this plays into real life.
    Watch TV together and use it as a jumping off point.

  2. I had to explain to someone that when they open their mouths to call Beyonce a whore, they need to use precise language and say what REALLY makes them uncomfortable. Her performance was sexual. Boom. There. If you’re uncomfortable with that, fine by me. But she is not a “whore” for singing a raunchy song on stage with her boo of 10+ years. “Drunk” is an ode to messy sex on the kitchen floor after a night of trash-talking. Was she supposed to do ballet on stage?

    My 7-year-old daughter loves Beyonce, but I knew she was probably performing “Drunk in Love” so my daughter was shooed away for the performance. Simple as that. Beyonce herself has said she is a grown woman and constantly worrying about being a role model left her feeling stifled creatively. She’s 32. If she wants to sing about sex and dance to a sexy song, hell to the yes, Bey. I’m here for it.

  3. I love how black people worship this woman. You continue to condone her poor choices. She’s a wife and a mother and she behaves like a classless concubine. She craves attention and all of the minions provide that. My daughter isn’t allowed to listen to the garbage that plays on the radio. When I saw her on the screen I turned it off..a true talent doesn’t have to resort to bending over in a thong in front of millions. She’s disgusting and so are the morons who support her.

    • Soooo… in other words, you did EXACTLY what this posts says a responsible parent should have done: you made the parental decision not to let your child watch. Awesome for you.

      As a GROWN ASS WOMAN, there are plenty of things that I enjoy that the next person may not like, just as there are things others enjoy that I can’t get behind. Calling a woman out of her name because I don’t like her form of entertaining, and referring to those who do enjoy her music as “morons” and “disgusting” is rather base… and ridiculously childish. If you’ve nothing constructive to say, you’re welcome to leave vile comments like this on someone else’s site where name-calling and disrespect is accepted and encouraged. MyBrownBaby is NOT that space.

    • “she craves attention….” Umm, excuse me, but isn’t that why she went into entertainment in the first place?! To have attention paid to her? Because she wants to be a performer?! Please, you are being very self-righteous and ignorant! What have YOU done as a wife, mother behind closed doors that those YOU try to please would be appalled at? I’m sure plenty! #glasshouse #getyourlife

      Beyonce is free to do as she pleases….and you are free to ban her from your life! I’m sure, so very sure, she cares!

  4. So…have people not heard of Tina Turner? Madonna? Sexy on stage is not new news. Folks are getting their panties in a wad over old stuff! Can you say Millie Jackson? But Denene…you’re absolutely correct on the pattern though. *sigh*

    I enjoy what i enjoy and if I’m offended, I leave it where it is. If we spent more time parenting…we’d have less worry about our children having the wrong role models. Everything starts at home. Personally, I was a little shocked at the lyrics of the song when I first heard it…and some of it went over my head, but i’m grateful that she’s at least talking about it being with her husband and not her flavor of the week. Could be worse. When Barry White talked about his music and the love making described…he always stressed that it was about the love between a man and his wife.

    I heard The isley Brothers’ Between the Sheets as an adult and blushed..fully understanding the meaning. while my twelve year old has heard the song…we don’t jam it in the house, because that’s not music i feel is appropriate for her listening ears. i say no. She hasn’t seen the Grammy’s because i haven’t watched to see what parts might be okay. So…ah well…because of social media though..I know what she can’t watch.

  5. I have a 12 year old daughter and I vet everything (possible) before I allow her to watch or listen. Everything isn’t for kids. Beyoncé is grown and married. She is also an entertainer and expresses her creativity “her way”. We don’t have to agree with everything, just do you and what’s best for your family. btw as a married woman myself I enjoyed her performance, my daughter sat this one out.

  6. My tweet was actually quoted in one of those UK articles – although I don’t think it was the one you referenced. I wasn’t extremely pleased to be grouped in that article because I was not ‘horrified’ and never would I want to be associated with calling someone hateful names, particularly ‘whore’ when it was WITH HER HUSBAND. We skipped that part on purpose because I knew I could YouTube it later, and my kids wanted to see some of the Grammy’s. I think the fault does not lie with the number, but rather the hour at which it aired. When kids will still be up, which most are at that hour, particularly in the midwest where apparently our children will never go to school again on account of all the snow days, (not to mention that they aired at 7 CST) just make it a little more PG. Love that the song is about married sex, but I don’t want my 12-year-old son seeing that much of anyone’s booty on TV just yet.

  7. At this stage in her career, I don’t know why there’s any confusion as to whether or not you should let your kids watch/listen to Beyonce. She mostly releases adult material. I think she looks amazing, but (this is where I start to sound like an old lady) enough with half naked pop stars of any ethnicity poppin’, twerkin’, droppin’, rollin’ and shakin’ already.

    Calling her a “whore” is beyond extreme, but that seems to historically be the attack on all female pop stars with overtly sexual performances. I have a difficult time naming a mainstream, Black, female performer that isn’t super sexual and that’s really unfortunate. There are no Black women that go on stage and shut the show down with their vocal ability alone a la Whitney Houston. The stereotype of the hyper sexualized Black woman still exists and I wish that there were more female performers that would give some sort of a contrast.

    • Well I have some Black woman that you failed to mention. Jill Scott, Mary J Blige, Tamia, India.Arie, Alicia Keys just to name a few. So there are plenty of Black woman who shut the stage down with their vocals rather than sexual perfomances.

      • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Beyonce does not realize she doesn’t have to do that…trying to keep up with the young girls.

      • Of the women you named, Alicia Keys is the only one comparable in popularity to Beyonce. I think you are right, they are all mega talented, but perhaps their lack of booty popping is why they aren’t as popular.

        • Compare Alicia Key today to when she began, she used to just sit at the piano and sing, nowadays she tries to rub her body and shake and be sexy, she’s no Beyonce but she has upd her sexuality in her performances quite a bit as of late.

    • I agree with this partly. Beyonce is an entertainer, I understand. I am not a fan, but I would not call her a whore. I do believe there are way to many hyper sexualized WOMEN, not just Beyonce, in general that are in pop culture. I am sad that people called her out of her name. She did this with her HUSBAND. Not with Robin Thicke or Little Wayne, her husband. I think that is sexy and I am not a fan. Although I do think somethings should be left in the bedroom. Also, I do believe that parents need to monitor their children’s TV viewing. BUT you can google it too. There is so many ways even if you did try to monitor it that these kids can be influenced by other sources. I do wish there was more support for Tamia, Emily King, Jill Scott, etc. to perform. BUT GUESS WHAT PEOPLE…sex sell and Beyonce figured that out at a young age. Sad, but true. If you want to stay in the game in pop culture and to be able to expand your net-worth you better be able to sell sex.This topic is heavy!!!

  8. I respectfully disagree. I felt like her performance was demeaning…All garish spectacle and no substance. She is way too talented to resort to writhing, twerking, and crotch shots. Aretha never took her top off. Marvin Gaye never ripped Tammi Terell’s clothes off on stage. Patti Labelle never performed a strip tease in entire career. The Supremes were the epitome of dignity and class. Maybe I’m just old school but it really bothered me that her performance was more about the image and less about the music. It made me wonder what Lena Horne, Sarah Vaughan, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, etc would say if they could see this. I think they would be disappointed. Just my humble opinion.

  9. Love and light sis, I read your article and while I agree that name-calling isn’t necessary, I disagree with everything else. To me, the exploitation and objectification of women as sex objects is at such an all time high that they are doing it to themselves in the name of music and entertainment (an industry ran by men) and the whole world thinks that its ok.

    Someone said that she is expressing her sexual power. Really? What exactly is sexual power? Owning your sensuality/sexuality is cool and all, but why does it need to be broadcast on national TV? How does this contribute to the progression of a society? It’s called television PROGRAMMING for a reason. While everyone is caught up in being sexy and seductive and emulating what they see celebrities doing (twerk vids, etc) they have lost sight of their true power…the divinity within.

    Why do we jump up and praise women for being half-naked and performing sensual and seductive acts in public? Why is this being shoved down our throats and why is this something to praise or be proud of? Perhaps it has to do with the sex and porn industry. Most of these performances border soft porn, and to me, it’s all about creating desensitization within public perception. Why? Because sex is BIG BUSINESS and if people are completely ok with sexual images being shoved down their throats on every other billboard, every other TV program and commercial, every other music video…it indirectly supports the porn and sex industry.

    Think about it. Who is empowered by and who benefits from women dressed as prostitutes in public? We live in a patriarchal society where men want to see women as submissive and seductive sex objects, and I’m sorry, but this being displayed in public, is not power for that woman nor is it empowering for other women. It teaches the impressionable that to be powerful is to be sexual and that simply is not true power. This is disempowerment actually.

    Perhaps you think I went too far…but it’s deeper than most people realize…and most people won’t realize it b/c their too busy praising women for self-degradation dressed up in ‘sexual power.’

    Everything comes down to shaping public opinion for the purpose of profit (Human trafficking generates $9.5 billion yearly in the United States). The porn and sex industry isn’t just ‘innocent’ adult entertainment. Women and children are bought and sold into the business every day, some willingly, some against their will (Approximately 300,000 children are at risk of being prostituted in the United States -U.S. Department of Justice). Could this systemic praise of women reducing themselves to gyrating butts and vaginas be setting us up greater acceptance, and fewer outcries of the porn and sex trafficking agenda?

    In my humble opinion, the world is being programmed to live in a pornographic, oversexed society that is ok with women and children being exploited and reduced to nothing more than objects to be used for the sexual gratification of others.

    • mainstreet usa thinks all black women are whores….don’t forget the slave master. its up to us BLACK WOMEN not to fulfil their fantasies!!

  10. Entertainers are not necessarily role models. Simple as that. We get all confused about who is in the public eye to entertain us, and who is there to provide a good example for us as to how we should live our lives. We also get confused about who is a role model for children, and adults. I love Beyonce and thought her performance was hot, but it was not aimed towards kids and teens. I don’t know, but I imagine she wouldn’t have let her own daughter watch her onstage right then. That performance was the equivalent of her having a conversation with other adults, opening up about the intimate details of her life. We wouldn’t let our kids eavesdrop on that kind of conversation, why would we let them watch it?

    I do think it’s funny though… so many of these celebrities are overtly sexual in such a trashy way that it their whole persona is a farce, something to be laughed at, and therefore we don’t bother with the namecalling. Beyonce’s power and sexuality is sincere, something that eminates from within her and shines through in her performances, and I think THAT is what scares the bejeezus out of some people. How pathetic that we as a society glorify and are fascinated with cheap, insincere, slutty public sexual behaviour… but a woman onstage owning her own body, singing about intimacy with her husband, provokes all sorts of backlash.

  11. I smell Team Hater-ation at work!

    Wow…a Whore? A classless concubine? All that because of a few sexy moves and a sexy outfit?? Makes me wonder what these people call the young girls in their neighborhood? I mean have none of them stepped outside lately to get a look at the latest fashion trends? Some of which make the decades old Daizy Dukes look like long pants. And if Bey is a WHORE what the heck did they say about lil Mz Miley a few months back??? Oh wait, there IS a big diff.

    I just watched Bey’s performance on Youtube and truthfully that was MILD compared to some of the ish usually seen on award shows. Even what she wore was fairly TAME. Calling her a whore or trashy is, in my opinion, a bit much. I also watched Pink’s performance on YT. So I guess her crotch shot was acceptable since she on on a trapeze and there was nothing all all SEXUAL about it? Oh wait, there IS a big diff.

    Sisters don’t WORSHIP Bey, but if you’re a fan you’re a fan. Hell i wouldn’t call myself a fan but I DO like her latest album and found it way more creative than any of her other pop stuff. Does that make ME disgusting or a moron? I don’t think so missy! If you don’t like her music, or Pink’s or Miley’s or whomever’s….don’t listen to it. And don’t watch award shows if your sensibilities are too delicate to handle today’s version of entertainment. Life is too short to go around getting your panties in a bunch over the antics of rich celebrities.

  12. I object to the language used to describe Beyonce’s performance and I also think that given the current trends, children shouldn’t be watching these awards show anyway. I also don’t think that Drunk in Love is a “set the stage” type performance song. I would have liked something more upbeat as an opening act, but that’s why I am not Beyonce.

    That being said, I respectfully disagree that the people that called her a whore also ignored Miley Cyrus’ antics and continue to support Bieber. Sure, there may be some that follow that pattern, but Miley’s backlash to her performance was widespread and it lingered for about a month. Bieber is losing fans left and right due to his antics, so I don’t think it is limited to Beyonce. JMO

  13. I love this very reasonable response to such unreasonable outrage.

  14. I don’t think Beyonce’s performance was that outrageous. I grew up watching Madonna gyrate and kiss women on stage. (Antics for which she’s always been criticized.) And Beyonce’s been a gyrating, half-dressed entertainer since her teens. (The main thing I see wrong with her current performances. At what point do you GROW?) Mariah Carey did the same thing. So while I didn’t find it totally offensive, I cannot understand the Beyonce worship and defending her performances and ‘racy’, borderline trashy lyrics. It baffles me that this entertainer has grown ass black women singing along with her foolishness using their outdoor voices. At one point I outgrew Madonna and only noted her antics from afar. It seems black people today refuse to grow the hell up, as if we’re in a state of eternal foolishness.

    • Hold up: because I happen to like this woman’s music and am not bothered at all by lyrics about drunk, hot sex with my husband, I’m immature and foolish? Are you serious right now?

      While you’re thinking up some more names to sling, let me explain to you why I actually love Beyonce’s album. Contrary to what you may think, some of us who like the music do so for reasons that extend far beyond a hot beat and racy lyrics. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I appreciate that Beyonce is a complicated human being who, in becoming a mom, wife and iconic entertainer, is working through some complicated subject matter in her art that Black women do NOT get to explore precisely because we are constantly held to this angelic ideal—this notion that we have to constantly disprove what society thinks of us. When that happens, art (and, indeed, life) manifests itself as one-note, a song in only one key. I am arguing, in part, that Beyonce has the right to play her song in as many notes and keys and chord changes as she chooses, and if that calls for her showing her sexual side, that is her right. Just as it is my right—as a 45-year-old woman TIRED of society telling me I have to be prim and proper and tame and never, ever tell anyone I like hot sex—to shout from my bedroom that I’m “drunk in love” with my husband and enjoy having hot, steamy sex with him.

      In other words, there’s much more thought that went into the argument than, “Oh, Beyonce can dance around half naked if she wants to! It’s awesome!”

      Now clearly, you’re new here to MyBrownBaby. Welcome aboard. I approved your comment because you have the right to your opinion, which is a valid one. What is not acceptable, though, is your suggestion that because you feel differently about a subject, you have the right to call those who do not agree with you—the owner of this here website included—ridiculous names and dismiss their personal narratives. We don’t do that here at MyBrownBaby. So you know. I’mma let you have this one. But from now on, please watch your mouth.

  15. Did people not see Destiny’s child BET performance of “Cater 2 U/T-Shirt” that performance was WAYYYYYY more racy than this one. Honestly Bey looked tired, liek she didn’t even rehearse, it was a very relaxed performance. I have seen many Beyonce performances and I would say as far as sexual, it was mediocre, and as far as it being good, well common, ya’ll know this was not one of her best.

  16. I really, really object to the “as a wife and a mother” argument. Basically as a wife and a mother I must now become a buttoned up, sexless robot and sacrifice my inner woman on the alter of motherhood and wifely duty? No thanks. Or to paraphrase another one that makes me get angry, “sure own your sexual power……just you know, don’t do it where anyone can see it”

    “We get all confused about who is in the public eye to entertain us, and who is there to provide a good example for us as to how we should live our lives.” This right here!!! As parents it is our job to guide, direct and educate our kids to the difference. If you ask your tween/teen girl who here role models are and the only thing she can come up with is Miley or Beyonce then you might want to examine how you have been broadening her horizons to the many amazing women in this world who are inspirational and don’t appear in music videos. (and that’s not to say I’m against either of those entertainers). Wangari Maathai (I can’t even begin to express how much I am inspired by this woman), Malala Yousafzai, Susan B. Anthony, Jane Goodall, Rosa Parks, and yes Beyonce!, Pink, Adele.

    And for crying out loud don’t you all have Tivo, or whatever your local cable version of “record-the-show-watch-it-later-when-the-kids-are-alseep?” Or if it offends you not at all?

  17. I’m not sure what people want from Beyonce she’s an entertainer and could care less about your children. It’s all about the money $$. So if you think she’s a whore like many of these other scantly dressed women in the entertainment business because if her appearance and the content of her music your probably right. She’ll do anything for a dollar. So do like I do….when those songs come on the radio turn the channel, don’t continue to buy her music and separate yourself from worshipping her and many like her in entertainment today. Set positive examples for your children and don’t let the tv, phone, and computer be their babysitter.

  18. Yeah. I get what you’re saying. Black women are held to a different standard and it sucks. Call me a prude but I still just don’t get it, why as women, we continue to display our sexual freedoms in a way that actually further objectifies us and feeds the industry of porn and human trafficking. I am all for hot married sex and I dont mind talking about it but it seems like something is lost when it is recreated for all to see.

  19. Have you ever actually LISTENED to Jill Scott’s music???

    Crown Royal-

    Your hands on my hips pull me right back to you
    I catch that thrust, give it right back to you
    You’re in so deep, I’m breathing for you
    You grab my braids, arch my back high for you

    You’re diesel engine, I’m squirting mad oil
    Down on the floor ’til my speaker starts to boil
    I flip s***, quick slip, hip dip and I’m twisted
    In your hands and your lips and your tongue tricks
    And you’re so thick and you’re so thick and you’re so

    Crown royal on ice, crown royal on ice
    Crown royal on ice, crown royal on ice

    Your hands on my hips pull me right back to you
    I catch that thrust, give it right back to you
    You’re in so deep, I’m breathing for you
    You grab my braids, arch my back high for you

    You’re diesel engine, I’m squirting mad oil
    Down on the floor ’til my speaker starts to boil
    I flip s***, quick slip, hip dip and I’m twisted
    In your hands and your lips and your tongue tricks
    And you’re so thick and you’re so thick and you’re so

    Crown royal on ice, crown royal on ice
    Crown royal on ice, crown royal on ice

    • EXACTLY. “Come See Me,” “Cross My Mind,” “My Mind Says,” “Celibacy Blues,” all of those songs are nasty as hell. And I LOVE them and Jill because she expresses her FULL womanhood—love, family, friendship, down-ass righteousness, ratchet mess, truth-teller, lover and freak. One could only hope to be as complicated and full as the expressions in her music.

  20. Denene,

    Bravo. I can’t add much more than what’s been added here but people need to get a freaking life. Beyoncé is not responsible for representing Black women, our race, feminism, humanity, shall I go on? She’s an entertainer doing her JOB which on Sunday was performing at the Grammys. I’m no Beyonce Stan, but if we need to break it down, she’s a writer, producer, performer, and businesswoman. She earned that. Those who think she needs to be the next Rosa Parks or whatever need to sit down. Not her responsibility.

    It’s our responsibility to raise our children and turn the damn TV off when content that’s not age-appropriate is on. Let’s worry about the big issues – declining public education, the growth of the police state, hell why our taxes are so damn high!

  21. It’s so interesting how so many thought the performance was so appalling. I guess because I’ve seen her videos I thought it was tame by comparison. The performance even seemed a bit awkward to me. As for the content, shouldn’t one’s anger be more directed at the Grammys for allowing the Carters to perform first, so early in the evening? I think parents should be allowed to trust that the Grammys know younger kids will be watching at 7:00/8:00 and should schedule their programming accordingly. Comparing Bey to older artists that never took their clothes off, seems moot because the times are different and she relies very heavily on her physicality for her brand and her marketing. Calling her a whore is beyond ridiculous and offensive to all women who dare to embrace their sexuality in a public space, whether it’s with their husband or not. (As a single woman I’d like to think I can feel the same way about sex and not be considered a whore because I’m not married.) I love the person who referenced Jill Scott (Crown Royal is one of my favorite songs by her) and if you take it back to Dinah Washington and many other older Blues singers, they can be real nasty too. I think alot of folks resent her fame because they know there are so many talented artists out there who are much better singers. And while that may be true, that’s not her fault. Personaly, I’d take Jill over Bey any day, but Bey does not deserve to be called names because of it….

  22. Love Bey/Sasha Fierce, I look to her for the latest hip gyrating,booty-popping dance I can practice in front of the mirror(every ADULT needs a little ratchedness in their lives:). But that song tho,DISLIKE(too Rhianna-ish for me).and that performance was nowhere near the Bey we know. The minute I saw her in that pose you have in the pic, I knew I had to turn it off since my kids were nearby(adult time). And how come she didn’t dry her hair? IJS

  23. Right on Denene,
    I feel if you found it offensive then you should turn of the tv or monitor what your kids watch, and in the same breath these are parens whi let their kids watch the Bad Girls Club…REALLY! This is the same UK that 1/2 of them participated in her sold out Mrs Carter Tour that is February 2014 and it sold out last year within the first hour…hate to be the one to exploit but if I was Beyonce I would say yeah I’m that RICH WHORE with a sold out tour that cracked the bank wide open in the UK!

  24. Ugh! This is too much. Miley, Madonna, Britney, Beyonce and the like all look distasteful. There really is no educated conversation you can have about this type of entertainment. It’s simply not classy. Get over the woman crush. I am a woman and have my own style. I don’t go to the gym to try to look like Beyonce. I’m me and that’s beautiful all in itself. Maybe it’s a fear a black booty. lol… Just because Madonna and Miley does it does that mean we have to as black women? And who cares if she was with her husband? Save it for the bedroom. Where has the modesty gone? If it were Madonna I’d say the same thing. Get a hotel room.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have responded. You cannot be a Christian woman and think this is appropriate and have a ‘conversation’ with your daughter saying that this is classy or beautiful. The fall of Rome is not far off…

  25. Some things are for adults, and some things are for children.It’s the way the entire world is designed.
    Since forever.
    Why is anyone acting brand spanking new to the game of life on grammy night?
    Why does actual sexiness offend people more than awkward attempts at sexiness?
    What are they afraid of?
    The fate of women’s respect and dignity will not go to hell in a handbag or basket because of a sexy performance. Everyone is so smart and classy. Right. Because you are unable to live out your fantasies of being boldly expressive of your sexuality. Jelly? No? Then sit back and enjoy the show.

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