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Fear Of a Black Booty: on Beyonce’s Grammy Performance & How To Watch TV With Kids

To those who called Beyonce a whore for her Grammy Awards 2014 performance: suck it.

– Jan 29, 2014

Beyonce Gushing about Blue Ivy’s Smarts Reminds a Dad of the Day He Met His Daughter’s Genius

By NICK CHILES Hearing Beyonce gleefully tell Oprah about the brilliance of her baby girl Blue Ivy reminded me of the heady, joyous days of...

– Feb 19, 2013

Beyonce Calls Rumors She Used Surrogate with Blue Ivy ‘Very Odd’

Every woman struggles with fear and insecurity but, as Oprah Winfrey pointed out on the red carpet for Beyonce’s new HBO film, we didn’t really...

– Feb 14, 2013

Beyonce Reveals Pain of Her Miscarriage

Any woman who has ever been through a miscarriage knows how brutally painful it can be. It is literally the death of your child—a part...

– Feb 1, 2013

The Best Of MyBrownBaby, 2012 Edition: Stories That Moved the MBB Crowd

From controversial shootings (Trayvon Martin), celebrity deaths (Whitney Houston) and celebrity kid growing pains (Willow Smith) to political triumphs (President Barack Obama and Obamacare) and...

– Dec 31, 2012

$800 Sneakers for Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Daughter, Blue Ivy? Is That Crossing the Line?

By NICK CHILES I’ve had three little babies, so I certainly understand the desire to lavish as much as you can afford on your little...

– Sep 27, 2012