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Jerry Sandusky’s Son Says He, Too, Was Abused, Plus: Other MyBrownBaby Fresh Links

A bombshell in the sex abuse trial of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State coach accused of molesting 10 young boys: his adopted son, Mike...

– Jun 22, 2012

Usher Custody Battle After Stepson’s Accident, Plus: News On Zimmerman, Sandusky & More Fresh Links

As Usher’s ex-wife holds vigil by the bedside of her son, who a week ago today was critically injured in a tragic jet ski accident...

– Jul 13, 2012

Chris Brown ‘Lost His Virginity’ at 8 and Thinks It’s Something To Brag About. Except It’s Not.

Right, so, this explains a lot: Chris Brown says he lost his virginity at age 8, to a girl who was 14 or 15 years...

– Oct 8, 2013

Disgusting Behavior of Rutgers Coach Mike Rice Is a Violation of Parents’ Trust

By NICK CHILES As a former athlete and the father of athletes who have played sports at every level up to NCAA Division 1, I...

– Apr 4, 2013

Horrifying Story: Boy Scouts of America Covered Up Hundreds of Abuse Cases over Decades

By NICK CHILES The allegations against the Boy Scouts of America are so enormous, so mind-bending, so unthinkable, that it’s almost too much for one...

– Sep 18, 2012

When It Comes to Dating and Hooking Up Sites, Leave the Kiddies Out of It!

By NICK CHILES Now we get word that an online social and dating site called Skout has shut down its teen section after reports surfaced...

– Jun 14, 2012

Church Bans Children So Pedophile Pastor Can Preach

A Jacksonville, Fla., Baptist church has banned children from Sunday services so that its new pastor, a confessed, convicted and known child abuser and rapist...

– Feb 27, 2012

Wounded Village: In the Wake Of the Penn State Sex Scandal, A Mom Prays Her Son Is Safe With Others

By CRYSTAL IRBY This is the first year my 1-year-old has been in school.  I miss him.  I miss his babiness that is fading/transforming into...

– Nov 17, 2011

Penn State Sex Abuse Cover-Up Puts Chill On Male Mentoring When We Need It Most

By NICK CHILES My apologies to Shakespeare, but there’s something rotten in State College, Pennsylvania. There are some powerful men walking around the campus of...

– Nov 7, 2011