#WithThisRing Watch Party: A Planner For You & Your Girls

We've got the desserts, signature cocktails, social media handles and 44 for your #WithThisRing Watch Party. Who's partying with us for the "With This Ring" premiere?

– Jan 19, 2015

This Is 45—And Other Happy Birthday Musings

I've never felt stronger, wiser, more confident, beautiful, sexy or smarter than on this day.

– Oct 21, 2013

Katherine Jackson & the Jackson Family Values: A Billion Dollars Worth Of Mess

The fight over Michael Jackson’s children and estate has turned into a messy mess of an affair, with accusations of mama kidnapping, auntie slap boxing,...

– Jul 26, 2012

Sparkle: Introducing My Latest Book, Based On the Whitney Houston & Jordin Sparks Movie

Check out what was sitting oh so pretty in my mailbox yesterday: Author copies of my new book, Sparkle, the novelization of the upcoming movie...

– Jul 25, 2012

Go Denene! It’s My Birthday!

Today, I celebrate another birthday—a milestone that, after all these years, never, ever seems to get stale. I still go to sleep the night before...

– Oct 21, 2011

The Attack Against Black Girl Beauty

A mother tells her daughters they are the epitome of black girl beauty because the world conspires to tell them otherwise.

– May 20, 2011

Summer Madness: Dangerous Stuff I’m Going To Let My Girls Do During Vacation

I admit it: I’m a punk overly cautious, protective to a fault. Particularly when it comes to my babies. I mean, I want Mari and...

– May 17, 2011

MyBrownBaby Fresh: What We’re Reading, Doing, Watching and Listening To This Week

I started out the week having a terrible, horrible, no good, bad day (relationship building and maintenance with businesses that refuse to recognize your worth...

– Apr 1, 2011

Bad Breath & Weak Handshakes: Denene Gives Tips On Handling Awkward Situations On the Today Show

As many of you know by now, I occasionally give expert advice on child-rearing, relationships and etiquette on the Today show. I stopped in earlier...

– Mar 25, 2011

{On the Parenting Post} You Don’t Want None Of This.

If you see me walking down the aisle at the local Target and my 34 C’s are sticking out just a little bit extra today,...

– Mar 24, 2011