Happy New Year and a Promise to #TalkEarly To Kids About Alcohol

Forget about "Dry January." Here's why you should #TalkEarly–and often, for the entire year—to your kids about alcohol.

– Jan 15, 2019

Train Up A Child: Talking and Teaching Black Children Sexual Responsibility

If a lawsuit accusing Usher of infecting a partner with herpes should do anything, it's to convince us parents to have real talks with our kids about sex.

– Jul 29, 2017

Black Women and Heart Health: Know the Symptoms Of Attack and Be Smart About Your Heart

My mother had beautiful hands—lovely, long and fresh, just like her. She kept her fingernails dipped in maroons and dark browns—subtle, but still noticeable. Strong....

– Feb 7, 2013

ADHD Diagnoses In Black Children Increases By 70 Percent—Along With the Use Of Strong Meds

African American and Hispanic children have seen a jump in their diagnosis rates for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder—a trend that comes as more psychiatrists...

– Feb 4, 2013

Working Through Final Month Of Pregnancy Is Just As Bad As Smoking: New Study

And yet another study to remind moms-to-be that America’s maternity leave laws suck donkey booty and need a major overhaul for the sake of our...

– Jul 30, 2012

Hands Off This Girl: One Woman’s Fight To Help End the Sex Trafficking of Children

By Shandra McDonald-Bradford You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. Before I became a mother in 2008 to a wonderful little...

– Jul 12, 2012

Longer Womb Time = Smarter Kids, Says Study: Yet Another Reason To Avoid Scheduled C-Sections

If you’re pregnant, you might want to erase that scheduled C-section from your calendar: a new study shows that babies who stay in the womb...

– Jul 3, 2012

Bad Mommy—the Spring Break Edition: Getting the Kids On a Health Track With Vicks Nature’s Kitchen

Yes, the picture accompanying this post, of my daughter downing a sprinkle donut and a can of soda for breakfast, is proof positive that I...

– Apr 23, 2012

Get Heart Smart: Show Your Support For African American Women’s Heart Health

The tragic death of my mother still sears—still haunts me. There are days when I just, like, need her. That has been especially true over...

– Jan 24, 2012

Tackling Infant Mortality Rates—Without Stereotyping Black Mothers

So I wake up Saturday morning to this New York Times piece, Tackling Infant Mortality Rates Among Blacks, and by story’s end, I’m heated. I...

– Oct 17, 2011