Blue Ivy Carter Is Adorable. So Why the Shade Over Her “Black” Features? Plus: More Fresh Links

A picture of Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s darling daughter, hit the internet this week and my God, that  baby is a beauty—curly afro, chubby cheeks, big ol’ almond eyes, the juiciest lips you ever did see. She’s adorbs. Still, the internet was abuzz with trolls picking apart little Blue Ivy’s features—lamenting that her lips are too big, that her “jaws” look too much like her daddy’s, that she has “nappy” hair. Seriously, what kind of animal throws shade on a 7-month-old child’s looks? Who goes all the way in like this on babies? Writer Britni Danielle asks the same, and wonders whether the public excoriation of a baby for having “black” features reveals our collective self-hatred. (Clutch)

Plus, other MyBrownBaby Fresh Links:

1. Five years ago, the all-black Kingfish Swim Club swam in the least competitive division in the Prince-Mont Swim League. Now, after going undefeated for three years, the Prince George’s club is swimming in their league’s most competitive division, defying stereotypes about the sport, which remains overwhelmingly white. (Washington Post)

2. Le sigh—I stan for Nas, who released his tenth album, Life Is Good, this week. You should too. This is why. Nas On Marvin Gaye’s Marriage, Parenting And Rap Genius (NPR)

3. A new study in the journal Sex Roles suggests that girls as young as six years old are concerned with appearing “sexy.” As in, sexually attractive. To other people. With their bodies. In public. (Jezebel)

4. Janet, Jermaine, Rebbie, Tito and Randy are mad as hell about how the estate of their brother, Michael Jackson, is being handled—and an open letter the siblings wrote indicates it’s about to get u-g-l-y. (ABC News)

5. How To Avoid Feeding Your Family Crap While Couponing (Mommyish)

6. Voter ID Law Support Linked To Attitudes About African Americans, Study Finds (HuffPo)

7. 14 dead, 50 wounded in shooting at Colorado theater, police chief says (CNN)

8. Celeb Chef Mario Batali Partners With Books For Kids To Open Library For Underpriveleged Kids (NY1)

9. Whooping cough, a potentially fatal disease, could reach highest levels since 1959 (USA Today)

Finally, a little something to brighten up your Friday—a parody video of Carly Rae Jepsen’s totally infectious pop hit, “Call Me Maybe,” from U.S. Marines stationed in Afghanistan. Why do I love this song so much? And why do Marines pop-locking, doing the robot and carrying guns do things to me? And… nevermind. Just watch and enjoy. Hoorah!

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  1. Little Blue Ivy has all her ten toes and all her ten fingers. She has no known diseases or developmental delays. Her eyes can see, her lips move and she’s loved by both her parents who seem happily married. She’s born into a dynasty and has more wealth than a million babies combined. That child is blessed. If her hair was a roll of steel wool and her features challenging enough to make the average person run for cover, she’d still be blessed and to all that love her, very beautiful.

    The Super Sistah

  2. I did not know people were saying such terrible things about little Blu. That is ridiculous. She is a cutie pie!! Shame on them!!

  3. People never cease to amaze. I bet all the people talking about Beyonce’s baby would have a FIT if someone said something about their children. Just childish and dumb!

  4. I’m appalled about this, How is someone going to go HAM on a baby. The child has only been in this world 7months (let me say it again), 7months. Blu is still developing features, as long as she’s healthy and loved, we have grown folks at 41 who can’t get it right. What do they want her to have blonde curlettes in her hair, with baby blue eyes…smh!

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