Method Spray-On Fabric Softener: Pumped It, Smelled It, Touched It, Love It.

Hello, my name is Denene and I’m a fabric softener snob. Admitting this is the first step to recovery. And I’m in massive need of recovery. Because I’ve been using the same fabric softener since before LL was Cool J, and tossing dryer sheets into the laundry to satisfy my addiction to fresh, clean smelling clothes since the day I started spending my own money on stuff for the laundry. Which explains why the new Method Dryer-Activated Fabric Softener Spray was getting no love from me.

No love, that is, until I tried it. Not just on any old pile of laundry, mind you. I mean, I used the spray on my latest round of weekly torture laundry and it worked just fine: every load I piled into the dryer got four to six sprays of the fabric softener, and, after the heat hit it and the towels and jeans and t-shirts and things got their tumble on, everything came out wrinkle-free, soft to the touch and smelling good.

But the true test came at 9:40 a.m. on Saturday morning, 20 minutes before we were supposed to be walking out the door to get to Lila’s soccer game. That’s when the 10-year-old walked into our bedroom and shoved her stankadank soccer uniform in my face, talmbout, “I forgot it wasn’t clean.” Like it was a surprise she had to wear her uniform to her soccer game on this particular Saturday, as opposed to all the other daggum Saturdays she has to rock the shorts and shirt and knee socks on the field.


Making her just pop it on and get to stepping was not an option. Particularly since it smelled like the funk of 1,000 years. Just dead wrong. And there was not time to wash and dry it. So I had to go with the old toss-it-in-the-dryer-with-some-smell-goods-and-hope-for-the-best action.

Now, I’ve tried to freshen up slightly musty clothes in the dryer with dryer sheets before and was always sorely disappointed by the results. So I wasn’t really expecting much when I sprayed down Lila’s funky stuff with four squirts of the Method fabric softener spray and tossed it in the dryer.

Sure enough, though, 20 minutes later, her soccer uniform smelled good enough for her not only to wear, but to actually be allowed in the car without fear that we’d have to ride to the fields with all the windows down. I mean, it smelled good! And the wrinkles were all gone! And I wasn’t even remotely embarrassed when she ran past all the other moms and dads and players on the field, her sweet scent totally hiding the fact that her uniform was dirty as all get out.

Beyond the miracle that was those four little squirts on Lila’s funky little uniform, method’s new spray fabric softener happens to be kinda the business for the environment because it completely eliminates the need for dryer sheets—fabric usually made out of polyethylene or polyester, which means they can’t be composted or recycled, and loaded with animal fat—gag!—to help soften clothes, which is just, like, gross.  Method’s fabric spray bottles are made from 100 percent PCR PET plastic and can be recycled. Plus, its softening formula is made with coconut oil—an ingredient I use in my everyday grooming regimen. Plus, I won’t have to bother with those annoying used dryer sheets clinging to our clothes and showing up all over the doggone floor, and one of those little bottles works on about 100 loads. POW!

That’s to say that Method won me over again with its super green, super hard-working, delicious-smelling fabric softener. Add it to my list: the new Method Dryer-Activated Fabric Softener Spray is everything. Try it for yourself; it’ll be the best $7.49 you’ve ever spent on fabric softener. Yessir.

So you know: I partnered with Method to write about my family’s experiences with the company’s environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Yes, I’m getting a check for this. No, they’re not paying me to say nice things about their products. As always, my experiences and opinions are my own.


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  1. See I totally feel you, Denene, on the torture, er, um, rather the laundry front. I hate laundry with a passion. I know that the washer and dryer do most of the work. It’s not like I have to take the stuff to a river miles away and beat the clothes on a rock. Yet and still I hate doing laundry. BUT. I do love the scent and feel of freshly laundered clothes. What a conundrum. I might just try this Method stuff. I love their household cleaners. They rock! Thanks for the heads up on the Method fabric softener. Off to look for coupons for this stuff.

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