200 Words on Totally Lila’s Totally Big Feet, featuring Linge Shoes Ballet Flats

In the case of Totally Lila's feet, size does matter.

– Jun 10, 2015

MyBrownBaby Fresh: A Happy Feet Two Review, From A Kid’s Perspective

Note: The Happy Feet Two Penguin Pack Giveaway has ended. If you participated, head over to the giveaway post here to see if you won—and...

– Nov 18, 2011

MBB Fresh: Mobilizing Moms In Support Of Women’s Health & Economic Rights (HERrights)

By KRISTIN ROWE-FINKBEINER On the anniversaries of the 1920 passage of the 19th Amendment and the 1963 March on Washington, which are this week, MomsRising is...

– Aug 25, 2011

MyBrownBaby Fresh: What We’re Reading & Watching (Beside William and Kate’s Wedding)

Oh, who doesn't love a beautiful wedding? The dress, the pageantry, the fairytale details all of it is perfectly delicious, I admit. I raise my...

– Apr 29, 2011

MyBrownBaby Fresh: What We’re Reading, Doing, Watching and Listening To This Week

Who, chile what a week! I FINALLY wrapped up a short story for a groundbreaking project I’m working on with a team of some of...

– Apr 15, 2011

MyBrownBaby Fresh: What We’re Reading, Doing, Watching and Listening To This Week

I started out the week having a terrible, horrible, no good, bad day (relationship building and maintenance with businesses that refuse to recognize your worth...

– Apr 1, 2011

MyBrownBaby Fresh: Waiting For “Superman” DVD

This is what it says on the back of the box for the newly-released DVD, Waiting For Superman: From the Academy Award-winning Director of An...

– Feb 27, 2011

MyBrownBaby Fresh: The Crochet Sisters Flowered Earflap Beanie

I love adorable, one-of-a-kind hats for kids. To me, they’re much more than just head warmers; they’re like a perfect piece of jewelry for an...

– Feb 21, 2011

MyBrownBaby Fresh: Shane Evans’ “Faces of Black History”

We're loving children's book author and illustrator Shane Evans' The Faces of Black History, a daily series of illustrations featuring the facial expressions of famous...

– Feb 13, 2011

MyBrownBaby Fresh: Lil Davinci Art Cabinet

If you’re addicted to kid’s art and, like me, you just can’t throw it away OR figure out where to stash it all, this frame...

– Feb 7, 2011